What Is Sorbitol

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What Is Sorbitol
What Is Sorbitol

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In an effort to maintain a beautiful figure, many women prefer not to consume sugar, replacing it with analogs. The most common of these has become sorbitol, which has many beneficial properties.


Sorbitol, also known as glucite, is a six-alcohol alcohol with a sweetish taste. This substance belongs to the class of food sweeteners. Sorbitol is recognized as a natural sugar substitute. A lot of this substance is found in fruits, especially blackthorn and rowan berries. The main advantage of sorbitol is that it is not a carbohydrate. Thanks to this, it is recommended even for diabetics.

The use of sorbitol contributes to the retention of vitamins belonging to group B in the body. Using it in cooking, you can ensure that the dishes will retain their softness and juiciness for a longer time. In addition, even after boiling, sorbitol does not lose its taste, therefore it is often used in the preparation of products that need long-term heat treatment.

Sorbitol in nutrition

Scientists conducting research on nutritional supplements have decided to assign product status to sorbitol. This once again proves its harmlessness to the human body. In terms of sweetness, it is twice as sweet as ordinary sugar. Visually, sorbitol looks like a white, odorless crystalline substance. It got its name from mountain ash, in the fruits of which the maximum content of sorbitol. However, in industry, sorbitol is obtained from corn starch.

When sorbitol is consumed, the human body spends very economically biotin, thiamine and pyridoxine - vitamins belonging to group B. It has also been established that when this product is added to food, the intestinal microflora, which synthesizes these vitamins, grows.

Despite such advantages, excessive use of sorbitol can cause increased gas production, diarrhea, and stomach pain. An excess of this substance can aggravate intestinal irritation, as well as lead to a deterioration in the processing of fructose. If sorbitol builds up in the cells of the body, it can cause neuropathy.

Use of sorbitol in industry

Although food grade sorbitol is recognized as a natural sugar substitute, its value goes beyond that. This substance is very productively used as a hygroscopic component for the cosmetic industry. Sorbitol is used in shampoos, shower gels, lotions, deodorants, powders, toothpastes and creams. In addition, this unique substance is used in chemical, paper, tobacco, leather and textile industries.

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