Hawthorn Tincture: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Hawthorn Tincture: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price
Hawthorn Tincture: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Hawthorn tincture is a drug used for the treatment and prevention of diseases in cardiology and neurology. This drug has a calming effect, lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, stimulates the heart muscle, increases efficiency and eliminates dizziness.

Hawthorn tincture: instructions for use, indications, price
Hawthorn tincture: instructions for use, indications, price

Hawthorn tincture is an alcoholic tincture of hawthorn flowers and fruits. Hawthorn fruits contain vitamins, fatty and essential oils, organic acids, flanoids and glycosides, tannins. The tincture contains 70% alcohol, the fruit ratio is 1:10. Available in dark bottles of 25, 40, 50 and 100 ml. Sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

The drug helps to reduce the excitability of the nervous system, stimulates blood circulation in the vessels of the heart, increases the contraction of the heart muscle and normalizes the rhythm, has a sedative effect in case of insomnia.

Indications for use

  • hypertonic disease;
  • ischemic disease;
  • tachycardia (in mild forms);
  • atrial fibrillation;
  • climacteric neurosis;
  • angioneurosis;
  • increased excitability of the nervous system;
  • frequent dizziness.


  • children under 12 years of age;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • intolerance to the components of the drug.

In case of hypertension, it should be used with caution, possibly a rapid decrease in pressure

Side effects

  • allergic reactions such as itching or hives;
  • a sharp drop in blood pressure;
  • the appearance of intestinal colic (when taken on an empty stomach), vomiting, nausea;
  • delayed reaction and drowsiness.

If these symptoms appear, the drug should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

Instructions for use and doses

The recommended average dose is 20 drops. Apply the drug three times a day by mouth 30 minutes before meals. For ease of use, the drops are diluted in 100 ml of water and drunk. Usually, the therapeutic effect is observed after two weeks of admission. The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician.

When taking hawthorn tincture for prophylactic purposes, take 10 drops per 100 ml of water three times a day.

In case of contraindications to the use of alcohol solutions, the drug can be replaced with a tablet form, such as Hawthorn forte Evalar.

Drug interactions

When taking hawthorn tincture together with cardiac glycosides, the effect of the latter is enhanced.

The simultaneous use of infusions of peony, motherwort, valerian and hawthorn leads to an increase in the therapeutic effect.

Hawthorn tincture price

The price for a bottle of 25 ml of hawthorn tincture averages 17-20 rubles.


Konstantin: "A mixture of hawthorn, valerian and motherwort tincture helps me fall asleep after a hard and stressful work week."

Tatiana: "I often use Corvalol and hawthorn tincture together, my heart rate is gradually restored, I became calmer, I am less nervous."

Natalia: “I drink tincture as a preventive measure. The dizziness is gone, and the general state of health has improved, only one benefit and not expensive."

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