Why Are Six-toed Children Born?

Why Are Six-toed Children Born?
Why Are Six-toed Children Born?

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In different cultures and at different times, the attitude towards children born with "extra" fingers was different. In ancient Egypt, such children were revered, sent to sacred temples, where they became servants of the gods. But in the Middle Ages, unusual children became objects of persecution.

Despite its unusual appearance, polydactyly is easily removable
Despite its unusual appearance, polydactyly is easily removable

The phenomenon when there are more than five fingers or toes is called polydactyly. Polydactyly has been known for a very long time - in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Babylon, the birth of such children was not at all rare.

Today, extra fingers are removed even in childhood, this is a simple operation, after which there are practically no traces left. Although surgical removal is used for cosmetic purposes, extra fingers do not affect the quality of life.

There are several reasons for polydactyly. Often this deviation is of a family nature, that is, if one of the parents has an extra finger, then the probability of having children with the same anomaly is very high. Usually the sign of polydactyly is linked to the dominant gene, but there are cases of inheritance in an autosomal recessive manner.

Polydactyly can be a sign of Patau syndrome, or trisomy 13. This means that in a person's chromosome set, 13 pairs of chromosomes have one extra chromosome (three instead of two). And this disease is characterized by multiple developmental disorders of internal organs and systems, including polydactyly.

Rubinstein-Teibi syndrome is characterized by an anomaly in the development of fingers, among which polydactyly occurs. It's connected with

a violation of the development of the entire skeletal system, bone age significantly lags behind the passport, the bones of the facial skull are deformed, either the terminal phalanges of the fingers or the entire finger are doubled.

Also, polydactyly can be a sign of a genetic disease, which is expressed in a violation of metabolic processes. This is Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, but it is extremely rare.

Not so long ago, scientists have shown that polydactyly children can be the result of bad habits of parents. It is known that if a mother smoked during pregnancy, then her risk of giving birth to a baby with six fingers is very high. It has also long been proven that if a woman has suffered severe and prolonged stress in the first three months of pregnancy, the likelihood of having a child with developmental anomalies, including polydactyly, increases.

If the child has an extra finger - one or more - there is no need to be afraid. This small cosmetic defect can be easily eliminated with the help of a simple surgical operation, and even before removal, it does not interfere with the baby in any way. But if a woman is planning a pregnancy, then she must take certain precautions: three months before conception, stop smoking, start observing a healthy lifestyle and avoid potentially dangerous moments (excessive exposure to the sun, X-rays, harmful production factors).

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