How Much Coffee Can You Drink Per Day

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How Much Coffee Can You Drink Per Day
How Much Coffee Can You Drink Per Day

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How pleasant it is to start your morning with a cup of coffee! If you have to do business all day long, then it is coffee that will provide you with a charge of vivacity and will not allow you to fall asleep. And how many cups of coffee can you drink a day without harming your health?

How much coffee can you drink per day
How much coffee can you drink per day

Many people cannot start a new day without drinking a cup of coffee. On the one hand, this is a completely harmless habit, but on the other hand, it can cause a change in the state of health. For example, excessive consumption of coffee can provoke the appearance of edema, as well as various cardiovascular diseases. That is why you need to drink coffee in reasonable amounts.

How much coffee can you drink per day

For each person, the amount of coffee drunk per day, which will not cause consequences, will be different. For example, people prone to diseases of the heart and blood vessels can drink coffee every few days. The same norm exists for hypotensive patients - due to the property of coffee to lower blood pressure, the patient may become ill.

In general, the best option for the amount of coffee consumed is 1 cup (120-150 ml) per day. It is advisable to drink coffee in the morning or at lunchtime - a drink drunk in the evening or closer to night will provoke insomnia.

Some scientists suggest that a person who drinks from 2 to 5 cups of coffee can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, cancer of various organs and other serious diseases. The only condition is that you need to drink natural coffee from fresh beans.

What coffee will benefit the body

Natural coffee made from fresh beans can be considered useful. It is best to prepare this invigorating drink yourself - to feel the whole process of making coffee. Of course, you will need some experience, but after a while you will be able to make your own coffee.

How to make real and delicious coffee

To learn how to make good coffee, you need a grinder, a turkey, quality roasted coffee beans, and a little time. First you need to take some beans, put them in a coffee grinder and grind them thoroughly. Then you need to take coffee powder and pour a little into a pre-warmed Turk (usually 2-4 teaspoons of crushed beans are required for 2 cups of coffee). After that, you need to fill the Turk with cold water so that 1.5-2 cm remains to the edges of the Turk.

The coffee is brewed for about 10 minutes. All this time, you need to slightly stir the preparing drink. To give the coffee a unique taste, you should bring the drink until bubbles appear a couple of times and cool - such actions need to be done 2-3 times. The coffee is ready to drink!

It should be remembered that sugar must be poured into the powder of the crushed coffee beans before brewing.

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