What Foods Contain The Most Protein

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What Foods Contain The Most Protein
What Foods Contain The Most Protein

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For those who monitor their health and shape, want to adjust their weight or keep it within the existing limits, it is very important to know which foods contain the necessary substances.

What foods contain the most protein
What foods contain the most protein

After slender, toned figures came into fashion, many people began to think about maintaining the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in their daily diet. Proteins, being the main building material of the body, are primarily responsible for the growth of muscle mass.

Animal products

Beef contains about 25% excellent animal protein. It is best to use it stewed or boiled, choosing meat from young calves up to two years old. Approximately the same indicators (15-20%) in poultry meat, while it is low in calories and easily digestible. Bodybuilding fans prefer boiled chicken breast (white meat). The protein content in fish can also be as high as 25%, especially in salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardine, mullet, anchovies and pollock. In addition, fish is a dietary product, its low-fat varieties can be eaten in the afternoon, without fear of gaining weight.

Liver is an inexpensive but very healthy product with a protein content of 25%. It is best to cook it in the form of a pate or simmer. Eggs contain up to 17% of the required substance (and there is not much difference, the eggs of which birds), and it is useful to eat them after strength training, since they are low in calories and are well absorbed. Two eggs (about 100 g) provide the body with about 17 g of protein.

A lot of protein is found in milk and dairy products, especially cheese (up to 30%) and cottage cheese (up to 14%). But you need to be careful with them: there are quite a lot of calories in cheese, so it is better to eat it before exercise, and not after, so that the "excess" burns out during exercise. Cottage cheese can be mixed with kefir or yogurt, add a little sugar to it, which promotes the absorption of protein. Athletes generally opt for the fat-free option, although it is less tasty.

Vegetable products

The generally recognized leader among plants in terms of protein level is soy, it contains up to 14% of this substance. Many different dishes are made from it, including vegetarian meat substitutes. Brussels sprouts are not too far behind soybeans - 9%. 10-12% of protein contains cereals. They promote digestion, keep the body feeling full for a long time, therefore they are a preferable side dish than pasta or potatoes.

Although protein foods are undoubtedly very important in the diet, it is important to find a balance for your body, not forgetting about carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.

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