How To Make A Decoction Of Wheat Bran

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How To Make A Decoction Of Wheat Bran
How To Make A Decoction Of Wheat Bran

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Previously, wheat bran was used as feed for livestock - today, the world's leading nutritionists recommend using this product rich in vitamins and minerals. Bran is easy to buy in stores or pharmacies, and you need to know the most common recipes to make decoctions from them.

How to make a decoction of wheat bran
How to make a decoction of wheat bran


bran, cooking pot, boiling water, cheesecloth, lemon juice, honey, milk


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Wheat bran contains the flower shell of the grains, the grain germ and the aleurone layer of the endosperm - more than 90% of the nutrients are concentrated in these elements of the grain. The largest amount of them is contained in the aleurone layer - it includes 38% protein, 10% fat, 15% fiber and 6% sucrose. In addition, wheat bran is rich in vitamins and minerals such as A, E and B, beta-carotene, pantothenic acid, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, iodine and copper.

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All natural substances contained in wheat bran are directly involved in the work of the human body. They take an active part in the regulation of the activity of many systems and organs, the process of hematopoiesis, the production of hormones and the balancing of their quantity. In addition, the vitamins and minerals that make up wheat bran strengthen weakened immunity, improve vision, trigger regeneration processes in the body and give a healthy look to nails, hair and skin.

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To prepare a fortifying vitamin broth from wheat bran, you need to thoroughly rinse 200 grams of bran under running water, steam them with 1 liter of boiling water and cook on the stove for an hour. After that, the finished broth is filtered through cheesecloth and freshly squeezed lemon juice is added to it. To prepare a fortifying broth with honey, you need to steam 1 tablespoon of washed bran with 2 cups of boiling water, boil and cook over low heat for 35-40 minutes. Then add 1 tablespoon of honey to the broth and boil again.

Step 4

A decoction made from 2 tablespoons of washed wheat bran, which is filled with 1 glass of hot milk, will improve bowel function and have a mild laxative effect. The container with the mixture should be boiled for 15 minutes over low heat or insisted wrapped for 30-40 minutes. For the treatment of cough and bronchitis, a decoction of 400 grams of wheat bran, poured with 1.5 liters of boiling water and infused for half an hour, is excellent. The finished strained infusion is consumed throughout the day as a medicinal tea, preheating it before drinking.

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