What Foods Contain The Most Calcium

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What Foods Contain The Most Calcium
What Foods Contain The Most Calcium

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The body needs calcium at almost any age. And the point is not only in the strength of nails and teeth, which this element provides, but also in the stable work of the heart muscle, a strong nervous system. Certain foods can help you avoid calcium deficiency.


Where is a lot of calcium found?

The main "supplier" of calcium is dairy products. They contain a trace element in very large doses. It is also important that calcium from dairy products is perfectly absorbed by the body with the help of lactose. Thus, the daily use of cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurts, cheeses will help to avoid a deficiency of the useful element.

However, not everyone can afford to consume dairy products. Someone does not like them for their taste, someone is lactose intolerant. The number of the latter is growing every year. Alternative foods can help prevent calcium deficiency.

An excellent substitute for dairy products, for example, is greens: parsley, basil, dill. White cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, spinach are also rich in calcium. By consuming these products, you will not only make up for the lack of a trace element, but also recharge the body with vitamins.

Calcium found in nuts is well absorbed. Particular attention should be paid to Brazilian and almonds. The assimilation of the trace element occurs due to the high fat content of the products.

The true storehouses of calcium are poppy and sesame seeds. It is recommended to add them to food, baked goods, meat. There is also a lot of trace element in ordinary wheat. Basically, wheat bran is rich in calcium. They can be used both independently and as part of baked goods.

Soy can be an alternative to conventional dairy products. Tofu is especially popular with vegetarians. This product is also suitable for those who monitor their diet and shape: there is a lot of calcium in the product, but the calories are minimal.

Calcium in the human body

Calcium helps keep teeth, nails and bones strong. Also, a trace element is necessary for the proper functioning of nerve cells and the organic work of muscles. If there is not enough calcium in the blood, it begins to "wash out" from the bones to provide the main organs and cells. The result is brittle nails, dull hair, brittle bones.

Fortunately, calcium levels can be restored with dietary supplements or certain foods. Experts recommend including cottage cheese, herbs, nuts, bran, etc. in the daily diet. However, there is a trick: you need "help" to assimilate calcium.

Vitamin D acts as the main assistant. That is why, with hypocalcemia, doctors recommend recovering with the help of special complexes of minerals and vitamins. If all is not so bad, you should carefully monitor the nutritional balance. The best calcium for assimilation, which does not require any supplements, is found in nuts and dairy products.

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