Ducan's Diet: Phases, Recipes, Sample Menu

Ducan's Diet: Phases, Recipes, Sample Menu
Ducan's Diet: Phases, Recipes, Sample Menu

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Pierre Ducan developed his famous diet more than 30 years ago. There has always been a lot of controversy around her - some doctors and nutritionists openly opposed (and are) against this technique, and its author was even excluded from the medical register. Be that as it may, the Ducan diet has established itself as one of the most effective.

Ducan's diet
Ducan's diet

The essence of this nutrition program is not to reduce the number of calories consumed by restricting food. The diet is based on the consumption of its own fat, as a result of which the body receives energy. And this is achieved by limiting carbohydrates in the diet.

The nutrition system consists of 4 stages, and it is built on the consumption of protein-rich foods. The diet of the diet is not "hungry" - there are more than 100 items in the list of permitted foods. It is easy to stick to, and the results are impressive.

Phase "Attack"

The first stage of the diet lasts no more than 10 days. But already during it, those who are losing weight will lose from 2 to 3 kg of weight. And this will happen within 2-7 days. Fast weight loss here is due to dehydration of the body rather than the disappearance of fat. This happens due to the consumption of protein foods. The goal of this phase is motivation.

During this time period, the Ducan diet permits the following foods:

  • any meat, except pork, lamb, duck and goose;
  • ham;
  • fish;
  • chicken eggs (required!);
  • dairy products.

You need about a couple of liters of water a day. To satisfy hunger, you can eat 1, 5 tablespoons a day. oat bran - swelling in the stomach, they suppress appetite. But it is better to exclude sugar from the diet.

The diet is not hungry, and therefore any physical activity is encouraged. For example, exercise for 20 minutes or a walk in the fresh air. Vitamins should be taken to prevent exhaustion or lethargy during this period.

1 day:

  • steamed omelet with a slice of meat + tea or coffee;
  • ear and bran loaves;
  • cottage cheese pancakes or casserole;
  • steamed or baked meat + tea (preferably herbal).

2nd day:

  • bran pancakes + mineral water;
  • beef broth;
  • low-fat kefir;
  • Steamed fish.

Day 3:

  • omelet and any hot drink without sugar;
  • chicken cutlets and a glass of low-fat milk;
  • dessert made from cottage cheese;
  • shrimp or fish.

Day 4:

  • egg, loaf sandwich with a slice of cream cheese + tea;
  • meat or fish soup;
  • cheesecake + coffee;
  • steamed chicken.

Day 5:

  • cottage cheese casserole + coffee;
  • liver or fish balls + kofir;
  • a slice of ham or cottage cheese + milk;
  • steamed rabbit meat and tea.

Day 6:

  • scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee;
  • minced chicken meatballs in broth;
  • low-fat yogurt
  • seafood and green tea.

Day 7:

  • cheesecakes, tea;
  • ear + loaves;
  • kefir;
  • steamed cutlets (preferably chicken), milk.

This is just a rough guide to the Ducan diet. You can change it at your own discretion and depending on your well-being.

Phase "Alternation" or "Cruise"

The duration of this stage is calculated by those who are losing weight. You determine how much you need to fold and start off from that number. For each kilogram, 1 week is allotted. The goal of this phase is to achieve optimal weight.

In this phase, protein days alternate with protein and vegetable days, which means that vegetables are added to the previous list of products:

  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • asparagus;
  • zucchini;
  • eggplant;
  • mushrooms (in small quantities);
  • broccoli;
  • cauliflower;
  • bell pepper;
  • greens.

But vegetables with a high starch content cannot be consumed. These are potatoes, carrots and legumes.

  1. In this phase, bran is also used, but their amount increases to 2 tablespoons.
  2. Exercise also gets longer - 30 minutes a day or more.
  3. The amount of water is 2 liters per day.
  4. Dairy and fermented milk products are limited to 1 kg per day.
  5. You cannot eat bread, sugar and fruit.

If you observe weight gain from some foods, then you are excluding them from the diet.

1 day:

  • omelet, carrot salad, bread + coffee;
  • steamed vegetable soup and veal;
  • cheesecakes and tea;
  • vegetable salad and meat casserole.

2nd day:

  • cottage cheese casserole and yogurt;
  • meatball soup;
  • ham with bread and coffee;
  • meatloaf, kefir.

Day 3:

  • steamed omelet, bread and yogurt;
  • ear;
  • a sandwich with lightly salted salmon;
  • chicken cutlets and vegetable salad.

Day 4:

  • omelet and boiled beets + tea;
  • steamed or baked fish;
  • bran pancakes and coffee;
  • hodgepodge.

Day 5:

  • a couple of eggs, a sandwich with salted salmon + coffee;
  • meat steak and fresh cabbage salad;
  • cottage cheese casserole + low-fat yogurt;
  • seafood with vegetable garnish, cheese and tea.

Day 6:

  • cottage cheese pancakes + coffee;
  • ear and loaves;
  • seafood cocktail;
  • casserole of meat or fish.

Day 7:

  • chicken mousse, tomatoes and radishes;
  • meat soup;
  • curd pudding (light);
  • vegetable stew and kefir.

Phase "Anchoring"

This stage was invented in order to protect the losing weight from weight gain after a diet. It permits fruits, starchy products, flour products and cheeses that contain starch. A couple of times a week, "loading" days are allowed, when it is allowed to absorb high-calorie meals. The duration of the phase is 10 days for each lost kilogram in the previous phase.

During this period, the following is introduced into the daily menu:

  • 100 g of white bread;
  • 40 g of hard cheese (fat content no more than 40%);
  • 200 g of fruits or berries;
  • pasta - a couple of times a week;
  • legumes - lentils, peas.

In this phase, the bran is already taken in 2, 5 tablespoons. per day, and light physical activity continues. And, of course, water - about 2 liters per day.

1 day:

  • curds and tea;
  • ear + loaves;
  • rhubarb;
  • boiled potatoes with minced chicken meatballs.

2nd day:

  • casserole with berries and coffee;
  • hodgepodge with crispbread;
  • syrniki;
  • baked chicken breast and a side dish of fresh vegetables.

Day 3:

  • cottage cheese and kefir;
  • ear;
  • vegetable salad;
  • steamed veal.

Day 4:

  • omelet, zucchini slices + coffee;
  • meatballs in broth;
  • bran with yogurt;
  • seafood and tea (preferably green).

Day 5:

  • ham and coffee sandwich;
  • vegetable salad and steam cutlets;
  • berries and yogurt;
  • baked fish and funchose.

Day 6:

  • bread, cottage cheese and yogurt;
  • vegetable salad and hodgepodge;
  • cottage cheese dessert and bun;
  • rice with vegetables.

Day 7:

  • a sandwich with lightly salted salmon;
  • fish with vegetable stew;
  • berries and kefir;
  • meatloaf and vegetable salad.

Phase "Stabilization"

This is the final stage of the Ducan diet. During this period of time, you can return to your usual way of life, but with some amendments:

  • once a week, build a diet only from protein products;
  • eat oat bran daily;
  • eat well;
  • drink water in the right amount;
  • eat food in moderation;
  • if possible, refuse transport and always from an elevator and escalator.

This will be enough to always keep yourself in shape.

Before starting the Pierre Ducan diet, you should consult your doctor. Due to excessive protein intake, it can be dangerous in some cases.

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