Cystitis During Honeymoon

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Cystitis During Honeymoon
Cystitis During Honeymoon

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Honeymoon! How nice that sounds! This is the first time you and your husband are going to rest and enjoy your family intimacy. And who would have thought that this trip could be overshadowed by such an unexpected disease as cystitis.

Cystitis during honeymoon
Cystitis during honeymoon

Why cystitis and why do you have?

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, which occurs 3 times more often in women, since the structure of their genitourinary system predisposes to this disease. Honeymoon cystitis is associated with the fact that sexual relations become more intense and the female genitals suffer from an unusual load and violations of sexual hygiene. That, together, leads to the onset of the disease.

How does cystitis manifest?

The main signs of cystitis are:

  • frequent and painful urination
  • soreness increases at the end of urination, while the amount of urine excreted decreases,
  • feeling of heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen, lower back pain,
  • weakness, cold sweat sensation, chills.

Is it okay to have sex during cystitis?

With cystitis, it is necessary to abstain from sex until complete recovery.

If you encountered this disease at the beginning of your family life, do not hide your problem from your husband. Explain to him how you feel. Tell him that it is neither your nor his fault in what is happening and that with the right timely treatment, you will soon be in the ranks. Think together how you can get out of this situation. Discuss what alternative erotic games can help you refrain from direct sexual intercourse.

Cystitis treatment

Try to stay in bed as much as possible. Drink as much as possible, preferably water or chamomile tea, milk tea. Take an antispasmodic and pain reliever if you can. To reduce pain, you can apply a warm heating pad to your lower abdomen or between your legs. Warm baths of chamomile infusion for the perineum also help well.

Keep your legs and lower back warm. Beware of hypothermia. During the period of cystitis, swimming in the sea and being in direct sunlight are contraindicated.

With cystitis, it is recommended to exclude spicy and irritating (smoked, pickled) foods, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, coffee from food.

As soon as possible, contact a urologist or the emergency room of a nearby hospital to clarify the cause of the disease and prescribe drug therapy.

Prevention of cystitis

  • Empty your bladder before and after sex,
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene before and after sex,
  • For frequent and extreme sex, use lubricants and a condom.
  • Do not overcool and do not overheat, strengthen your immunity.

Remember prevention is easier and more enjoyable than cure.

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