What Herb Helps With Infertility

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What Herb Helps With Infertility
What Herb Helps With Infertility

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Infertility is a complex problem. And along with the use of classical methods, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. Herbal medicine helps to restore the menstrual cycle, hormones, cope with inflammation and activate the reproductive system.

What herb helps with infertility
What herb helps with infertility

Herbs used for infertility

Ortilia is one-sided, or boron uterus, is used for menstrual irregularities associated with high levels of estradiol. The course use of the herb for infertility effectively copes with inflammation of the appendages, ovarian cysts, normalizes the liver, which in turn indirectly helps to restore the normal level of hormones.

Sage is used to accelerate the growth of the endometrium of the follicle, to normalize the ovaries. Often, phytotherapists recommend taking sage decoctions if it is not possible to cope with infertility using classical methods.

Elecampane is recommended for infertility. The decoction is prescribed in the second phase of the cycle to maintain the function of the corpus luteum. When pregnancy occurs, the embryo successfully attaches to the walls of the uterus, if a course of herbal medicine was previously carried out with the help of elecampane.

The red brush helps with the complex treatment of endometriosis, endocrine pathologies, adrenal diseases. With elevated androgen levels, it is almost impossible to get pregnant. A three-month intake of tincture of a red brush normalizes hormonal levels and the long-awaited pregnancy begins.

Knotweed is used for inflammatory processes that occur for a long time in the genitals and urinary tract. The most effective reception of knotweed decoction in the first phase of the cycle.

Round-leaved wintergreen is used to treat infertility, if the reason for the absence of pregnancy is inflammatory diseases of the appendages, endometritis.

Plantain seeds restore the menstrual cycle, help to cope with inflammation in the tubes and infertility, but only when using decoctions as part of a comprehensive treatment.

Hemlock is a poisonous plant. It is often used to treat infertility associated with adhesions in the tubes. During the use of a poisonous plant, it is recommended to protect yourself. And after completing the course of herbal medicine, you can make a second attempt to get pregnant.

Comprehensive infertility treatment

If a woman is unable to get pregnant, a thorough medical examination must be done first. The use of any herbal remedies for the treatment of infertility should be agreed with the doctor and used only as part of complex therapy. Self-medication can lead to dire results. The woman will hope for miraculous healing and the help of herbs for the treatment of infertility. And at this time, perhaps, more radical methods are already required.

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