How The Sperm Enters The Egg

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How The Sperm Enters The Egg
How The Sperm Enters The Egg

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Tens of thousands of conceptions occur on the planet every day. The event, it would seem, is completely ordinary and at the same time full of secrets and mysteries. After all, it takes place in the depths of the organism, not manifesting itself outwardly in any way, becoming at the same time the starting point of new life on Earth.

How the sperm enters the egg
How the sperm enters the egg

Every student who has attended human anatomy lessons knows that conception occurs as a result of the fusion of an egg with a sperm. But not every sperm is suitable for fertilization, therefore, a portion of the male ejaculate can contain up to 100 million of them, and only one of them, in case of a successful outcome, will achieve the cherished goal. We can say that the chances of winning are so negligible that there are practically none. Nevertheless, as a result of a crazy race, one lucky person out of millions gets the main reward in the form of the possibility of procreation.

Sperm race

For a man, participation in conception ends with the end of intercourse, and for sperm cells, everything is just beginning. Once in the acidic environment of the vagina, they are forced to move forward rapidly, because acid is detrimental to their existence. Only half of the runners manage to reach the cervix with a more favorable environment, the rest die, allowing the comrades to continue the race.

Having fortified with a sweet secret in the neck, sperm cells simultaneously receive information from it about the further direction of the path. The catch lies in the fact that only healthy specimens are able to correctly decipher the signals given to them. But even after that, there are no guarantees for a meeting with the egg. Exactly half of the sperm will fold in the wrong direction, choosing a tube that rests in this cycle. Thus, only 0.1% of all sex cells from a man's ejaculate reach the meeting with the egg. On the one hand, this figure is negligible, on the other, we are talking about 10-15 thousand copies, and taking into account the fact that only one of them is needed for fertilization, it is too early to celebrate the victory.


The egg cell surrounds itself with a special bait substance that literally drives the sperm crazy. They all rush to the main character and begin to drill her with their heads, gradually dissolving her shell. Contrary to the accepted judgment, it is not the fastest or strongest sperm that will win in this fight. The ovum itself chooses the winner according to one, only known to her, criteria. Having opened her shell for a moment, she lets in the lucky one, who immediately throws away the tail that has become unnecessary and rushes inside. The shell immediately closes, leaving the rest of the contenders overboard. Two nuclei - male and female - merge, fertilization can be considered accomplished. After about 2 weeks, the woman will be able to feel the first signs of pregnancy, and if everything goes well, a new person will be born in 9 months.

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