How To Drink Valerian

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How To Drink Valerian
How To Drink Valerian

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Valerian officinalis has been used to treat various diseases since ancient times. Its use as a sedative has been known since the first century AD. The roots and rhizomes of the plant are mainly used. They contain essential oils, isovaleric acid, as well as medicinal acids such as acetic, malic, formic and a number of other valuable medicinal substances. It is rich in raw materials and trace elements necessary for maintaining health and treating various diseases. Valerian is used in the form of tinctures, infusions, thick extract, which is a part of various pharmaceutical preparations.

How to drink valerian
How to drink valerian


  • -dry raw materials from the roots and rhizomes of valerian;
  • -a table, tea or dessert spoon;
  • - utensils for cooking;
  • -boiled water;
  • -sieve or gauze for squeezing raw materials.


Step 1

Valerian has a sedative, tranquilizing effect, helps to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract, and reduces blood pressure. The most effective result is obtained with a systematic intake, like any medicinal raw material.

Step 2

Practicing doctors prescribe the intake of an extract, tincture or infusion of valerian rhizomes and roots as a comprehensive treatment for insomnia, fatigue and nervous tension, in chronic cardiovascular diseases. And also with insufficient functional activity of the gastrointestinal tract, with unstable blood pressure, with chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract, with severe menopause, dysentery, with endocrine diseases, for the treatment of skin diseases and many other disorders in the body.

Step 3

To prepare an infusion from medicinal dry raw materials, you need 2 tablespoons of chopped roots and rhizomes of valerian, pour 200 ml of boiling water and cook in a water bath for 20 minutes. The prepared infusion must be cooled at room temperature, strain, squeeze out, add boiled water to a volume of 200 ml. Apply 3 tablespoons 30-40 minutes after a meal. Children over two years old - one dessert spoon, up to 2 years old, starting from birth - 1 teaspoon each. Before using valerian, you need to get advice and recommendations from a specialist, since any plant material can cause a severe allergic reaction or individual intolerance.

Step 4

Valerian tincture should be diluted in 100 ml of water and applied in 30-40 drops, 4 times a day, 30-40 minutes after meals. Children are given the number of drops corresponding to their age, calculated in whole years. For example, if the child is 4 years old, then give 4 drops per 100 ml of water 4 times a day after meals.

Step 5

Valerian extract is available in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations in various forms and doses. Therefore, for admission, you need to carefully read the annotation from the manufacturer and drink the product in strict accordance with the description and recommendations.

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