How To Treat Male Infertility

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How To Treat Male Infertility
How To Treat Male Infertility

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When a family cannot have children, in 50% of cases the man is to blame. A man's inability to conceive a child can be caused by various reasons. Only the establishment of the correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

How to treat male infertility
How to treat male infertility


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In the first place among the causes of male infertility are hormonal problems, namely, low levels of testosterone or thyroid hormones of the thyroid gland. Also, the inability to reproduce can be caused by a disease of the testicles, pathology of their development, trauma and infectious damage.

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Also, the causes of male infertility can be blockage of the channels that transport sperm, varicose veins of the scrotum, dysfunction of sperm production, problems with ejaculation, and others.

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Drugs, alcohol, steroids, as well as medications used in the treatment of psychiatric diseases have a negative effect on the reproductive function of men.

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In order to treat male infertility, the doctor must establish the exact cause. And only after that the necessary treatment is prescribed. In modern medicine, there are many methods of dealing with male infertility. The choice is made by a specialist depending on the diagnosis and individual characteristics of the organism. This can be hormonal therapy, surgical or microsurgical intervention, treatment of infections and other diseases that cause infertility, the use of antibiotics, as well as a course of plasmapheresis - blood purification (in case of immunological infertility).

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With the modern development of medicine, male infertility can be treated quite successfully. The results of the studies showed that in married couples who fulfilled all the doctor's prescriptions, pregnancy occurred in 41% of cases.

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If the cause of male infertility cannot be established, or the problem cannot be eliminated, assisted methods of reproductive medicine are used. One of them is the in vitro fertilization (IVF) method, which has proven itself in this area.

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Whatever the reasons for the infertility of a married couple, people should approach the solution of the problem together. And this test can be passed with dignity, having achieved a positive result - the appearance of a child in the family.

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