Flu Without Fever - Is It Possible

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Flu Without Fever - Is It Possible
Flu Without Fever - Is It Possible

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Influenza is an acute respiratory illness. This disease has more than 200 types. When a person is sick with the flu, the upper respiratory tract is affected. This disease affects people of all ages.

Flu without fever - is it possible
Flu without fever - is it possible

The most common people with influenza are the elderly, pregnant women, and children. This is because this category of people has reduced immunity. Infection occurs by airborne droplets from a sick person to a healthy one. Mucous formations spread during coughing or sneezing at a high speed up to a distance of four meters.

Is there a flu without fever?

The flu is able to proceed without fever, since the virus has two hundred species, some of which do not cause fever. This is especially common during massive epidemics. A sick person feels weakness throughout the body, aching joints and bones. True, this is quite rare. Such cases are atypical. The common flu causes muscle aches, headaches, coughs, and difficulty breathing. Often, the patient's mucous membrane of the eyes and nose becomes inflamed.

Why is flu without fever dangerous?

Why is flu without fever so dangerous? The fact is that the patient can take it for a common cold and begin to fight the disease with drugs that will not give the desired effect. After that, the virus can take many forms, ranging from mild to very severe. Moreover, the flu, which does not cause fever, affects organs very quickly. In this case, you need to immediately consult a doctor, because there is a risk of serious consequences, up to and including death.

With the common flu, the temperature stays on for several days. Basically, it is above 39 degrees. You need to shoot her down in every possible way. In this case, the doctor prescribes medications, but the patient needs to drink as much as possible, take antipyretics (drugs containing paracetamol), vitamins, and in no case wrap himself up in blankets!


In order not to get sick with the flu, you need to take various preventive measures. To do this, you need to harden yourself, take vitamin C and eat as many citrus fruits, onions, garlic, and ginger as possible. So, immunity will increase. It must be remembered that if the level of health is at a high level, the flu will not proceed without fever. This current suggests that the immune system is in a deplorable state. You need to reconsider your lifestyle, nutrition. It is necessary in all possible ways to prepare your body for a meeting with an illness. Do not forget about timely vaccination: it is easier to prevent a disease than to fight it.

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