How To Use Pulmicort

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How To Use Pulmicort
How To Use Pulmicort

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"Pulmicort" is a glucocorticosteroid for inhalation use. The active substance of the drug is budesonide. "Pulmicort" is prescribed for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma requiring maintenance treatment with corticosteroids.

How to apply
How to apply


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"Pulmicort" has an anti-inflammatory effect in the bronchi, reduces the severity of symptoms and the frequency of exacerbations of bronchial asthma, reduces edema of the bronchial mucosa, the production of sputum and mucus. With prolonged use, the drug is well tolerated; after inhalation, the therapeutic effect lasts for several hours. The maximum therapeutic effect is achieved after one to two weeks.

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The dose of "Pulmicort" for inhalation is set individually. If it does not exceed 1 mg per day, it must be administered at a time. The higher dose is divided into two doses. The initial dosage for adults is 1-2 mg per day, the maintenance dosage is 0.5-4 mg per day. The initial dosage for children over the age of six months is 0.25-0.5 mg per day, the maintenance dosage is 0.25-2 mg per day.

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"Pulmicort" is not prescribed for children under the age of six months, with increased sensitivity to budesonide. With caution, the drug is prescribed for cirrhosis of the liver, active form of pulmonary tuberculosis, viral, bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory system. During pregnancy, "Pulmicort" should be used in the minimum acceptable doses. During lactation, it is allowed to use the drug in therapeutic doses.

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"Pulmicort" can have the following side effects: dry mouth, irritation of the mucous membrane of the oropharynx, cough, hoarseness, candidiasis of the oropharynx, headache, bronchospasm, angioedema, urticaria, skin rash, contact dermatitis, nervousness, irritability, depression, disorders behavior. The drug can also lead to hypofunction of the adrenal glands, irritation of the skin of the face and the formation of bruises on the skin (in the case of using a nebulizer with a mask).

Step 5

In case of an acute overdose of "Pulmicort", clinical manifestations do not occur. In the case of using the drug for a long time in high doses, it is possible to suppress the functions of the adrenal glands and the appearance of hypercortisolism. The therapeutic effect of Pulmicort is reduced by Phenobarbital, Phenytoin and Rifampicin. The effect of the drug is enhanced by "Methandrostenol", estrogens, beta-adrenostimulants. Pre-inhalation with beta-adrenostimulants promotes the expansion of the bronchi, improves the intake of budesonide into the respiratory tract and enhances its therapeutic effect. The interaction of budesonide with other drugs used in the treatment of bronchial asthma has not been identified.

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