How To Treat Allergies In Babies

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How To Treat Allergies In Babies
How To Treat Allergies In Babies

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According to statistics, every third baby in infancy suffers from allergies. Some parents believe that the disease will go away by itself, as soon as the child grows up a little. However, it is not. Allergy requires a serious approach and timely treatment.

How to treat allergies in babies
How to treat allergies in babies


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First of all, parents should understand that allergies, like any other disease in an infant, should be treated only under the supervision of a pediatrician. In addition, it is sometimes possible to identify an allergen only by conducting special laboratory tests, and this is the stage that is the initial one for the treatment of allergies.

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Most often, babies have food allergies. At the same time, diet therapy is the best method for combating the disease. The diet is developed taking into account the exclusion of hazardous foods from the diet. In addition, the doctor prescribes antihistamines and ointments that relieve the main symptoms of food allergies: itching, rash, redness or peeling of the skin. The diet for the baby is usually prescribed individually, but some recommendations are considered general and are suitable for any child with allergies. For example: be sure to keep track of the amount of food that the baby eats during one feeding; observe the regimes of drinking and feeding, refrain from industrial mixtures, since they are not intended for children with allergies. If the child has already begun to show signs of food allergy, then complementary foods should be introduced no earlier than 4 months, especially for fruit juices and purees. If the baby is bottle-fed, change the formula.

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Quite often, babies develop an allergy to animal hair. In this case, the danger is not only in contact, causing skin changes, but also in the fact that such a manifestation can cause Quincke's edema. In addition, the reaction takes place literally in a matter of minutes. Saying that parents should exclude the presence of pets in the house is probably not worth it, since this is a prerequisite. In addition, having noticed obvious symptoms of the disease in a child, parents should immediately contact a specialist or call an ambulance.

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An allergy in an infant can also manifest itself as a reaction to household chemicals or skin care products. Parents should be very careful when purchasing hygiene products, powders, rinses. Better if these are products made specifically for allergy sufferers. Moreover, it is necessary to wash in a special powder not only baby's things, but also adult clothes, as the child snuggles up to his parents. For the same reason, adults should limit the use of perfumes, deodorants, shaving creams, and other cosmetic products as much as possible.

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