What Pills To Drink For A Sore Throat

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What Pills To Drink For A Sore Throat
What Pills To Drink For A Sore Throat

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A sore throat brings a lot of inconvenience, discomfort and discomfort. It is quite often accompanied by dryness, burning and soreness, as well as soreness, aggravated by swallowing. Treatment of a sore throat with tablets is indicated for acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease or stomatitis.

What pills to drink for a sore throat
What pills to drink for a sore throat

Tablets are the most suitable form of release of drugs used to eliminate throat pathologies. It is not always possible to use rinsing solutions: in transport or in the office, this is simply impossible. Sprays are also not applicable in public places. Drinks - decoctions and teas can relieve a sore throat and relieve inflammation, but to achieve the desired effect, you need to drink a lot of them, which is also not always possible. The tablets are considered to be the more convenient and effective of all dosage forms. They can be carried everywhere, are convenient to use even in public places and, most importantly, they treat the disease and eliminate a sore throat.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs relieve sore throat due to their weak analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. "Paracetamol" is prescribed for adults and children over 12 years of age, 1 tablet 4 times a day. The duration of treatment is 3 to 5 days. "Paracetamol" is contraindicated for persons suffering from alcoholism, allergic reactions to the drug, severe liver or kidney dysfunction, anemia. The drugs in this group also include Ibuprofen and Naproxen. They are taken in a similar manner and in age-appropriate dosages.

Symptomatic therapy

Sore throat lozenges and lozenges last longer. They are evenly distributed over the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat during resorption. Lozenges have a symptomatic effect, which has varying degrees of severity in different patients. They help some people well, while others have no healing effect for a long time. It is not recommended to swallow these funds, therefore they are contraindicated in children under 5 years of age. The most common lozenges are: Septolete, Faringosept, Strepsils, Strepfen, Grammidin. These drugs are prescribed for adults and children over 12 years of age, 1 tablet no more than 5 times a day. The tablet should be absorbed after meals, moving it throughout the mouth.


The causative agent of bacterial sore throat, accompanied by a sore throat, is usually streptococcus. Only antibiotic therapy is able to destroy this microorganism and save a person from infection. Antibacterial drugs can only be taken with a doctor's prescription. The following groups of antibiotics treat a sore throat: "protected" aminopenicillins - "Flemoklav Solutab", "Amoxiclav"; macrolides - "Azithromycin"; fluoroquinolones "Levofloxacin", "Moxifloxacin". To choose the right antibiotic, it is necessary to undergo a microbiological examination of the detachable lamellar membrane of the oral cavity and nasopharynx. This analysis allows you to identify the causative agent of the disease and determine its sensitivity to the main groups of antimicrobial agents. Treatment of bacterial sore throat should be carried out with antibacterial drugs in an adequate dosage and an adequate course.

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