What Drops Are Effective For Reddened Eyes

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What Drops Are Effective For Reddened Eyes
What Drops Are Effective For Reddened Eyes

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Everyone knows the folk wisdom: "The eyes are the mirror of the soul." Unfortunately, very often a person's gaze is tired and faded. One of the main reasons for this is redness of the eyes, which gives an unhealthy appearance and delivers a lot of unpleasant sensations.

What drops are effective for reddened eyes
What drops are effective for reddened eyes

What are the causes of eye redness?

A large number of blood vessels are located on the surface of the eyeball. Due to various diseases, vitamin deficiency, injuries, overwork and taking medications, they expand, due to which the whites of the eyes turn red. Chronic eye redness indicates an infection, allergy, or contact lens reaction.

Occasionally, the whites of the eyes can turn red as a result of strenuous exercise or intense muscle tension, which is accompanied by minor hemorrhage. It so happens that several vessels are constantly visible on the white of the eye, which is associated with the individual physiological characteristics of the structure of the eye.

Bright sunlight causes blood vessels to dilate and can cause red eyes.

What drops are used for redness of the eyes?

You can get rid of the reddening of the whites of the eyes with the help of vasoconstrictor eye drops "Naphtizin", "Octylia", "Okumetil". However, these products should only be used as an ambulance, as their frequent use can lead to addiction.

For the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases of the eyes, drops "Albucid" are used, which are an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

In case of dry eye syndrome, the Artificial Tear Moisturizing Drops can be used as an express remedy. Thanks to this drug, the mucous membrane of the eye is moisturized, and the burning sensation and itching are reduced.

If redness of the eyes is accompanied by fatigue and deterioration of vision after working on a computer, it is recommended to take eye drops with riboflavin (vitamin B2), which affect the healing process.

In case of irritation of the mucous membrane due to an allergic reaction, drops "Lekrolin", "Ifiral", "Aktipol", "Opticrom", "Okumetil", "Oftan Idu", "Vizin", "Opatanol" "Hi-Krom" are used. If signs of allergy have already appeared, it is better to use Alomid drops, which act much faster.

For the treatment of redness of the eyes to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to find out the factor that provoked this unpleasant phenomenon.

Don't risk it

Self-medication of reddened eyes is possible only if it is not a consequence of any disease. If the eyes not only redden, but are still watery, sore, and photophobia arises, you should not delay visiting an ophthalmologist, as this can adversely affect vision.

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