How To Use Aloe

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How To Use Aloe
How To Use Aloe

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Aloe is one of the healthiest indoor plants. Its juice is used for the early healing of wounds. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition to open wounds, aloe treats gastrointestinal and pulmonary diseases, as well as diseases of the ENT organs and oral cavity.

How to use aloe
How to use aloe


Step 1

To get the most out of your aloe juice, it's important to prepare it properly. Choose leaves no shorter than 15 cm with slightly dry tips. Break them off the stem or cut them off at the very base. The healing properties persist in the cut leaf for about three to four hours, so it is important to use it during this time.

Step 2

If you need aloe juice for treatment, squeeze it out of the unpeeled leaf. For topical application, it is much more effective to use the pulp of the plant - this way the juice will be released gradually, so the therapeutic effect will be more pronounced. Cut off the skin of the aloe with a knife and apply the pulp to the open wound.

Step 3

If you need a leaf along with the skin for treatment, pass it through a meat grinder.

Step 4

Since fresh juice quickly loses its properties, mix it with alcohol in a 4: 1 ratio and refrigerate.

Step 5

For burns and open wounds, use only fresh juice. Lubricate the affected area as often as possible, and the effect will appear within a few hours. If the wound is festering, you should attach the pulp of aloe to it and fix it with a sterile bandage.

Step 6

In case of diseases of the ENT organs and viral infections, fresh aloe juice should be instilled into the nose. The dosage varies depending on the age of the patient and ranges from two drops for a three-year-old child to eight drops for an adult.

Step 7

For gastrointestinal diseases, you can chew an aloe leaf half an hour before meals. So that the bitterness of the plant is not felt so, you can seize it with honey.

Step 8

In the form of aloe tincture, it is used for hypertension, cancer, respiratory diseases and gout. Usually, in these cases, they drink a tablespoon of their own medicine three times a day. It is also recommended to use honey to combat the aftertaste.

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