What Is Useful And How To Cook Izotov's Jelly

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What Is Useful And How To Cook Izotov's Jelly
What Is Useful And How To Cook Izotov's Jelly

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Dr. Izotov's oatmeal jelly is a medicinal product patented in 1992. In addition to its pleasant taste and nutritional value, it has medicinal properties. Thanks to the unique jelly, people not only get rid of their diseases, but also notice an improvement in their general condition.

What is useful and how to cook Izotov's jelly
What is useful and how to cook Izotov's jelly

Useful properties of miracle jelly

This product includes amino acids, vitamins and minerals important for the human body. Oatmeal jelly helps to normalize metabolic processes at the cellular level and programs the human body to fight its own ailments. Having no contraindications, this remedy helps to cope with cardiovascular and gastrointestinal pathologies. It can be used not only for the treatment of diseases, but also for their prevention, regularly eating it for breakfast. You can make jelly at home by following a series of sequential steps.


About 3 liters of boiled water at the temperature of fresh milk is poured into a large glass jar. 0.5 kg of oatmeal and 100 ml of kefir are also added there. After that, the jar is wrapped up and placed in a warm place for 1-2 days for fermentation. If stratification and bubbling are observed in the thickness of the resulting mixture, then the process has begun. To improve it, you can also add 10 tbsp to the jar. l. chopped coarse oatmeal.


At the end of fermentation, the mixture is filtered using a sump and filter. At home, for this purpose, you can use an additional jar, above which a colander with a hole diameter of 2 mm is placed. A suspension of oatmeal is passed through this device. The thick sediment collected on the filter is intensively stirred and washed with running cold water. The volume of the resulting washing liquid should be approximately 3 times the amount of the original oatmeal mixture.

Filtrate treatment

The mixture obtained in the sump is left for 17 hours. After this time, it is divided into two layers: the upper is liquid, the lower is a loose white precipitate. All liquid is carefully removed from the can using a rubber tube. The remaining oat concentrate is used to prepare the miracle oat jelly. In addition, it can be added instead of kefir to prepare the next portion of the oat suspension. The concentrate is transferred to small glass jars with lids and stored in the refrigerator for 21 days.

Cooking oatmeal jelly

Take 5-10 tablespoons of oat concentrate, which is thoroughly mixed with 2 glasses of cold water. The resulting mixture is brought to a boil over low heat, stirred vigorously with a wooden spoon and boiled down to the desired thickness. At the end of cooking, add salt and any oil. This dish is eaten with black bread.

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