How Is Jelly Useful?

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How Is Jelly Useful?
How Is Jelly Useful?

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If you suffer from stomach pains with exacerbation of gastritis, colitis, sore throat, light and nutritious jelly will come to the rescue. It's easy to cook, and the variety of ingredients allows you to choose the recipe that suits you best.

How is jelly useful?
How is jelly useful?

A dish called "jelly" is familiar to many from Russian fairy tales. "Kisselny shores" awakened the children's imagination. In the old days, this dish was considered a popular food. It was eaten by the tsar and the boyars. But poor people also found pleasure, and often escaped from starvation with a simple and healthy dish. But for some people, jelly can be harmful. And all this because of its specific components.

Oatmeal kissel (medicinal)

The most useful is considered to be oatmeal jelly. It is used for all gastrointestinal diseases. He will help those who are going to lose excess weight, but want to avoid injuring their health. Light and low in calories, it tones up digestion, saturates the body with vitamins that are useful for the nervous system: B6, B1, B2, E, PP and K. Contains useful amino acids and minerals. This is a completely dietary product.

To prepare oatmeal jelly, products are pre-fermented. To do this, place the following components in a large jar:

- 5 glasses of oats;

- some amount of brewer's yeast;

- cold boiled water.

Instead of yeast, you can add a slice of black rye bread and sour milk or kefir to the sourdough.

Dishes with future jelly are left in a dark and warm place for a day for fermentation. The sour liquid is filtered and jelly is cooked from it over low heat. It is necessary to stir the contents to avoid burning. The product has a specific taste, so it can be salted or added sugar.

Milk kissel

This dish is more suitable for the nutrition of the growing body, for emaciated people. It is useful for heaviness in the stomach and ulcers. To prepare it, you must take the following ingredients:

- fresh raw milk, 1 glass;

- potato or corn starch, 1/2 teaspoon;

- sugar for everybody.

The starch is diluted in cold milk until it is completely dissolved. It is necessary to break all the lumps. It is better to add sugar immediately, since the product is prepared very quickly with constant stirring. The milk mass is put on a slow fire and brought to a complete thickening.

For people complete or suffering from diabetes mellitus, eating jelly is undesirable due to the high content of starch and sugar.

Kissels fruit and berry

You can make a jelly drink from absolutely any berries or fruits. To do this, you need to prepare juice or break the berry (fruit) mass into puree. Dissolve starch in juice or cold water, add granulated sugar and bring to a boil and thicken over a fire. Food proportions 2: 1. That is, one teaspoon of starch is taken for two glasses of liquid with pulp.

The most aromatic jelly is obtained from citrus fruits. Citric acid, breaking down glucose, releases energy. And this is the most valuable thing in jelly.


Kissel without starch

A healthy drink can be prepared with pectin. For 1 glass of water, 1 gram of pectin is taken. As a basis, you can take any juice or water acidified with lemon. The pectin is diluted in warm water and the dishes are placed on an ice pillow, as the drink can turn into a thick jelly. Stir until cool. It is necessary to store such jelly in the refrigerator. It can make marmalade at room temperature.

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