What Are The Myths About Weight Loss

What Are The Myths About Weight Loss
What Are The Myths About Weight Loss

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Currently, there are many articles, publications and TV shows about diets, sports, proper nutrition, etc. Most of us, while losing weight, continue to be based on myths passed down to each other from generation to generation.

What are the myths about weight loss
What are the myths about weight loss

To lose weight, you need to eat less

You need to eat less, but sweet, salty, fatty, flour and other unhealthy foods, and healthy food should be eaten 4-5 times a day in small portions. This approach will allow you to lose up to 1-2 kg per week without much harm to health.

Requires daily physical activity in the gym

In order to lose weight, first of all, regular cardio exercises are needed: running, jumping rope, sports dances. skates or rollers, that is, everything that will help speed up the metabolism. Where the sports will be carried out, at home or in the gym, does not matter at all. When the body gets used to the daily cardio load, you can move on to strength training. However, strength training should not exceed 1 hour per day, otherwise, there is a risk of injury or the body of a girl bodybuilder.

Inability to lose weight due to slow metabolism

Of course, health problems or hormonal imbalance can cause weight gain, however, most often, a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are the underlying factors.

Cling film wrapping

Many people who lose weight naively believe that wraps with cling film and warm clothing, put on before a workout, help fats to melt faster. The weight lost as a result of such manipulations is just lost fluid, which will be replenished within 1-2 hours and the kilograms will return to the owner.

To reduce the number of daily calories, you need to skip breakfast.

Breakfast is the main meal, it starts the metabolism, helps the body to wake up, energizes. If breakfast is completely eliminated, blood sugar levels will gradually decrease, metabolism will slow down, and appetite will only increase. This behavior leads to the consumption of extra calories in the afternoon and weight gain. The main thing is to choose the right breakfasts: cereals, muesli, dairy products, etc.

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