Can I Drink Coffee During A Diet?

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Can I Drink Coffee During A Diet?
Can I Drink Coffee During A Diet?

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With the summer season approaching, people begin to engage in their figure: they buy a gym membership, go for jogging, swimming, visit beauty salons and, of course, go on a diet. It is not easy to deny yourself overnight in your favorite food and drinks, so many are wondering whether it is possible to drink the habitually invigorating morning coffee.

Can I drink coffee during a diet?
Can I drink coffee during a diet?

What coffee is healthy

Nutritionists have mixed opinions about the benefits of drinking coffee. It's worth starting with the composition of the grains. They contain fats, proteins, monounsaturated oils, and carbohydrates. As a result of grinding and roasting, the calorie content is lost, and coffee becomes dietary, it is not only possible, but also necessary to drink. Freshly brewed grain coffee helps to improve metabolism, accelerates the elimination of toxins, helps break down fats and eliminate cellulite, and reduces appetite. In small doses, drinking coffee without sugar and other additives is part of the diet.

Calorie content of coffee (per 1 serving)

It is worth making a reservation, we are talking about coffee drinks that do not contain additives.

- espresso - 2-3 kcal;

- American - 2-3 kcal;

- ristretto - 1 kcal;

What coffee is bad for the figure

As soon as you add sugar, syrup, cream or milk, the calorie content increases dramatically. Of course, if you follow a diet, drinking such coffee will not bring any benefit. Of course, you are provided with a charge of energy, but if you have nowhere to spend the received strength, the calories received and not consumed will go to the fund for increasing your body fat mass.

Flavored coffee (1 serving)

- cappuccino - 70 kcal;

- latte - 95 kcal;

- mocha - 150 kcal;

- Frappuccino - 210 kcal.

Instant coffee

Although this type of drink is low in calories, it does not bring any benefits to the body at all, no matter whether you follow a diet or not. This happens because the composition of instant coffee is so complex that it is hardly perceived by the human body. By consuming 2 kcal, it is as if you are getting all 200 kcal. And if you imagine that you are used to drinking coffee with sugar and cream, and breakfast is not complete without a couple of sandwiches and sweets, then a diet is simply out of the question.

How to calculate calories yourself (per 1 teaspoon)

- sugar - 25 kcal;

- cane sugar - 15 kcal;

- honey - 67 kcal;

- liquid cream - 10 kcal;

- dry cream - 25 kcal.

Please note that the protein and fat content, as well as the composition of the food itself, can vary. Accordingly, the calorie content can change both up and down. Therefore, when calculating the number of calories consumed, it is better to round off the result to your disadvantage.

Drinking coffee while dieting is even considered beneficial if a few simple rules are followed. Drink only ground coffee. Don't add sugar or cream. The amount of drink consumed should not exceed 2-3 servings per day.

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