The Benefits Of Kombucha

The Benefits Of Kombucha
The Benefits Of Kombucha

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Information about kombucha is found in ancient sources of Chinese manuscripts from the Han dynasty, 2500 BC. The Chinese believe that this drink is able to heal any ailment, and they call it "the elixir of immortality"!

The benefits of kombucha
The benefits of kombucha

A bit of history

Kombucha was first cultivated in Asia. The mushroom was brought to Japan from China by a healer who was invited to the Land of the Rising Sun to heal the dying emperor. With his help, the emperor really regained his health, and the mushroom was widely recognized: its acid served as a remedy for warts, age spots; infusion rinsed hair so that they were soft, healthy and thick. In India, he also served as a guardian of beauty: he was the first remedy for problem skin. In Indonesia, with its help, various poisonings were successfully treated.

The mushroom appeared in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century: it was brought by Russian soldiers after the Russian - Japanese war.

Tea jellyfish?

The mushroom really looks like a jellyfish: its upper surface is shiny, smooth and dense, and the lower one is a lot of hanging threads. If we get away from comparisons, then this is just a slimy film floating in a nutrient solution, the role of which is played by sweet tea or juice. It is an alloy of yeast-like fungus bacteria. Thanks to yeast, sugar ferments and turns into alcohol, which, in turn, turns into acetic acid. At the exit, we have a pleasant, sour carbonated drink.

How to cook?

To prepare a drink 3 tbsp. brew tea with a liter of boiling water and add 125 g of sugar (5 tablespoons). Stir to dissolve. Then cool the mixture completely. We filter through a sieve: the tea leaves should not get into the infusion. Then pour into a three-liter jar half a liter of the old sourdough, tea leaves, add filtered water and place the mushroom in it. Cover with gauze and keep at room temperature for 3 to 5 days. With each new sourdough, the mushroom must be washed. Over time, the mushroom will grow and you can share it with your friends. If you want to stop making infusions for a while, then simply place the mushroom in a liter jar with the old sourdough and store in the refrigerator for a year.

If none of your friends grows a mushroom, then it is quite possible to remove it yourself. To do this, cool and strain the black tea. The same amount of natural apple cider vinegar is taken in a glass of tea. Mix tea with vinegar and place in a jar. Leave to ferment in a warm place for 2 weeks. After this time, a thin film will appear on the surface - this is a young mushroom.

Take precautions so as not to ruin the body: do not keep the mushroom in the light and do not fill the jar to the very top, rinse the jar every 2 to 3 weeks under running water and never pour sugar directly on the mushroom, otherwise it may die from burns.

What is the benefit?

The resulting "mushroom" is a storehouse of useful substances! It contains organic acids, vitamins PP, C, B, various enzymes, sugars, caffeine and alcohol. In folk medicine, it is used to treat headaches, diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, and bladder. The infusion from it has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory properties, regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is an excellent prophylactic agent for atherosclerosis, rheumatic heart disease, polyarthritis.

The fungus is excellent for treating inflammation in the oral region. With stomatitis, it is useful to rinse your mouth with infusion of kombucha.

To accelerate the healing of purulent wounds, burns, bedsores and other skin injuries, the damaged areas are washed with infusion, a thin film of the fungus is applied to them.

To combat atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, it is recommended to drink a third of a glass of kombucha infusion three times a day 1 to 2 hours before meals for 2 to 3 weeks.


You can not use the mushroom for diabetes and overweight, as it contains a sufficient amount of sugar.

It is not recommended to drink more than 3 glasses of the drink per day.

Never drink the fermented infusion.

If you are taking medication, you can drink the infusion only 2 hours before or after that.

The infusion reduces blood pressure, so it should not be consumed by hypotensive patients.

It is not recommended to take with increased acidity of gastric juice, stomach ulcers, gout, fungal diseases.

And, of course, you should always take into account individual intolerance!

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