How To Treat Stomatitis In An Adult

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How To Treat Stomatitis In An Adult
How To Treat Stomatitis In An Adult

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Stomatitis is a condition that develops in the mouth. It is characterized by a lesion of the mucous membrane, which swells and becomes covered with sores. The disease occurs as a reaction of the body's immune system to any infection.

How to treat stomatitis in an adult
How to treat stomatitis in an adult


  • - egg white
  • - honey
  • - Novocaine
  • - ampoules of vitamins B1 and B6
  • - soda
  • - potassium permanganate
  • - hydrogen peroxide
  • - propolis
  • - chamomile, yarrow, calendula, St. John's wort, sage
  • - carrot juice
  • - flax seeds
  • - antiviral ointments
  • - furacilin


Step 1

If you suspect stomatitis, you should immediately consult a doctor. It is necessary to do this in order to determine what type of disease you have. There are several types of stomatitis in adults: aphthous, ulcerative and catarrhal stomatitis. According to the type of stomatitis diagnosed, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

Step 2

Traditional medicine in the treatment of stomatitis involves rinsing the mouth with antiseptic solutions. As a rule, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, rivanol or a solution of furacilin is used. In addition to rinsing, it is necessary to treat the oral cavity with cotton swabs dipped in a decoction of medicinal plants. It is necessary to process the oral mucosa every 3-3, 5 hours.

Step 3

In addition to antiseptics, it is also necessary to use antiviral ointments: tebrofen, 50% interferon, oxolinic, 0.5% florenal.

Step 4

In addition to traditional medicine, folk recipes can also be used to treat stomatitis. But first, check with your doctor for this treatment.

Before treating stomatitis in an adult with the help of traditional medicine, first you need to make sure that all possible sources of it are eliminated, such as caries, fallen out fillings, etc. Otherwise, he may return after a while.

Step 5

One of the most common folk remedies is to rinse the mouth with egg whites. It contains a lot of lesozyme, a substance whose content in the saliva of a patient with stomatitis decreases. The protein is mixed with 100 g of warm water and whipped. The resulting solution should be rinsed in your mouth at intervals of two hours. In the case of ulcerative stomatitis, which occurs as a result of other diseases, you can use a composition of one egg, a teaspoon of honey, 5 mg of novocaine, as well as vitamins B1 and B6 - each in an ampoule. Beat until frothy, use one spoon at a time before meals, holding in the mouth until the solution is completely absorbed.

Step 6

You can rinse your mouth with warm water immediately after a meal up to 8 times a day. In this case, for a greater effect, you can dissolve soda, potassium permanganate, propolis or hydrogen peroxide in water.

Step 7

An excellent folk remedy that allows you to effectively treat stomatitis in an adult is decoctions of various medicinal plants, such as chamomile, yarrow, calendula, St. John's wort, sage, etc. They help to improve the condition of the mucous membrane and reduce the effects of inflammatory processes. You can also rinse your mouth with carrot juice mixed with water in a 50/50 ratio. It will provide the damaged mucosal tissue with beta-carotene, which helps fight disease.

Step 8

Flax seeds have long been used in folk medicine to treat all kinds of ailments. With stomatitis, you need to pour one large spoonful of seeds with a glass of boiling water and let it brew, then strain and rinse your mouth. This solution promotes the speedy tightening of the ulcers that arise and the restoration of the mucous membrane.

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