How To Choose A Weight Loss Technique

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How To Choose A Weight Loss Technique
How To Choose A Weight Loss Technique

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As polls of sociologists show, almost every woman in our country has been on a diet at least once in her life. At the same time, many note that even widely advertised diets have not brought any results. The reason for this, apparently, was that they did not manage to choose the right method of losing weight.

How to choose a weight loss technique
How to choose a weight loss technique


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When you're just starting to or at least moderately obese, traditional methods, diet and fitness, and a combination of the two can pay off. In this case, the integrated approach used in Yu-Ken therapy can also help. It is based on lifestyle correction, which affects the general physical condition and leads to getting rid of extra pounds.

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If you are third-degree obese or overweight, consider medication. This method is more radical and very effective, but carry out the course of treatment only after consulting with and under his supervision.

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Those who are really overweight, and who have not gained a couple of three extra pounds, when choosing a method of losing weight, should definitely consult a doctor. He will tell you which one is better to choose in your case.

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For those who have a little extra pounds, you can throw them off on any of the diets: fat, protein, carbohydrate or mono-diet. But remember that all diets will be effective only in combination with physical activity and sports training.

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The type of diet, its choice depends on many factors, for example, the season. At the end of summer, you can opt for an effective watermelon mono diet, which involves eating only one food. With her, it is allowed to eat 1 kg of watermelons per 10 kg of body weight per day and drink it all with simple, non-mineral water or green tea.

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You can lose weight in winter on a kefir diet, but it is better to combine kefir with vegetables and fruits. This technique can be recommended as fasting days in the periods after the holidays with their plentiful feasts. With a kefir diet, you can drink drinking water and eat up to 1 kg of fruits or vegetables.

Step 7

In the event that you cannot imagine your life without sweets, choose a chocolate diet, which, however, is strictly contraindicated for those who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure. In this case, you can eat 80-100 g of dark chocolate per day and drink 200 g of black coffee without sugar. The rest of the liquid necessary for the life of the body will have to be collected with drinking water.

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