How To Treat Pinching

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How To Treat Pinching
How To Treat Pinching

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A pinched nerve is an unpleasant and painful ailment that reminds you of yourself with sharp pain and discomfort, as well as a dysfunction of the corresponding muscle or organ.

How to treat pinching
How to treat pinching


Step 1

If you find signs of a pinched nerve in yourself, be sure to see a neurologist who will take an X-ray and determine what the causes of the pinched nerve are, and then prescribe treatment.

Before you visit your doctor, follow some simple procedures to help manage the pain of a pinched nerve.

Step 2

Take an anesthetic (Ketanov) and try to immobilize as much as possible. Call a doctor at home, lie on a flat, hard surface and do not move.

Step 3

The doctor, as a rule, prescribes physiotherapy, vitamins of group B and E, ultraviolet radiation and various ointments as a treatment, as well as hydrotherapy and therapeutic mud in combination with gymnastics, exercise therapy and massage.

Step 4

In addition to medical advice, use folk remedies for pinching. Insist in 200 ml of vodka bay leaves for three days. Rub the tincture into the pinched area regularly and the effect will be noticeable soon.

Step 5

Make a tortilla with a glass of flour and honey. Put it on a sore spot overnight and wrap it in a towel.

Step 6

Dissolve ten tablets of analgin in a glass of alcohol and pour in a bottle of iodine. Withstand the medicine for three days and rub the resulting composition into the desired area of ​​the body. Rub pine ointment into the pinched area and take a warming bath.

Step 7

Fir oil and valerian can also be helpful in treating pinching - mix them together and rub them into your skin.

Step 8

Grind the washed celery in a food processor or meat grinder, collect the juice and drink 2 tablespoons before meals. Apply the remnants of celery pulp to the sore spot for an hour in the form of compresses.

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