How To Choose Medicines For The Treatment Of Arthrosis

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How To Choose Medicines For The Treatment Of Arthrosis
How To Choose Medicines For The Treatment Of Arthrosis

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Medicines for the treatment of arthrosis are called chondroprotectors and are a series of substances that feed and restore cartilage tissue. It is very difficult to cure arthrosis without chondroprotectors, since their use can significantly slow down the development of the disease - the main thing is to choose the right drug.

How to choose medicines for the treatment of arthrosis
How to choose medicines for the treatment of arthrosis

Chondroprotective Facts

Chondroprotectors include drugs such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which have an invaluable therapeutic effect in arthrosis. Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids, which temporarily relieve inflammation and joint pain, chondroprotectors act directly on the focus of arthrosis. Their main task is to restore the worn out (up to a certain stage) cartilaginous surface of the joint and improve the production of articular fluid, which normalizes the work of the joint.

The use of chondroprotectors does not mask the symptoms, but promotes quality recovery or recovery.

Usually, these drugs are prescribed by doctors, but modern patients often choose their own treatment for themselves. When purchasing chondroprotectors, it should be remembered that the results will not come instantly - the treatment of arthrosis is quite lengthy. The course of treatment is from two to three months, and during the year it is required to undergo two to three courses of receiving chondroprotectors. Their distinctive feature is the preservation of the therapeutic effect in the intervals between the courses of treatment.

How to choose chondroprotectors

When choosing a medicine for the treatment of arthrosis, first of all, you should pay attention to the manufacturer of the drug. Unknown firms often make their products under improper conditions, and the quality of their drugs can be very questionable, while large companies invest a lot of effort in the drug, since its effectiveness works on their reputation and, therefore, earnings.

High-quality chondroprotectors from well-known companies have fewer side effects and allergic reactions.

Another important point when choosing a chondroprotector is the composition of the drug. Many manufacturers of nutritional supplements often disguise them as drugs, claiming their high therapeutic effect. At the same time, these pseudochondroprotectors do not undergo all the necessary studies and, accordingly, are cheaper than drugs whose effectiveness has been clinically proven.

As for the chondroprotectors themselves, in the treatment of arthrosis, such drugs as Mukosat, Artron, Structum, Artradol, Artra Chondroitin, Osteal, Teraflex, Movex Comfort have proven themselves well. … They contain a combination of chondroitin and glucosamine, the complex of which significantly enhances the effect of the drug.

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