How To Treat Logoneurosis

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How To Treat Logoneurosis
How To Treat Logoneurosis

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Logoneurosis (stuttering) is a speech disorder in which the ability to speak and pronounce sounds normally is impaired, which leads to involuntary repetitions and prolongation of letters, words and phrases. Before treatment, it is necessary to visit the appropriate specialists who will help prescribe the most correct course.

How to treat logoneurosis
How to treat logoneurosis


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None of the methods existing today give a complete guarantee of the patient's recovery. It should be noted that the causes and symptoms of the disease can be individual, which also affects the effectiveness of the methods used. Usually the phenomenon occurs at 2-5 years old, when the child begins to develop his first communication skills. The risk of stuttering in boys is 2 times higher than in girls.

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Although the exact mechanisms of logoneurosis are unknown, there are 3 main types of it: age-related, neurological, and psychogenic. Age-related stuttering begins when a child learns to speak. A neurological disorder occurs as a result of a stroke, head injury, or brain damage. The phenomenon of a psychogenic nature is associated with deviations of the psyche and nervous system.

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The method of treatment is selected in accordance with the age of the patient, the goals of recovery and other factors. For very young children, early therapy is possible, which is likely to help avoid further symptoms of the disorder. In the course of treatment, it is important to consult with a speech therapist. It is advisable that parents take a direct part in the development of correct speech skills, performing all the instructions of a specialist. Creating an environment that will give the child the opportunity to practice his skills, psychological support for the baby are the main auxiliary methods that will help cure logoneurosis.

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The therapy itself may consist in setting correct breathing, pronouncing words, reducing the speed of speaking. It should be noted that there are no medications available to relieve stuttering symptoms or have not yet been approved. Research shows that existing medications are highly ineffective and cannot be used to treat the disorder. Some patients are prescribed antidepressants, antiepileptic drugs, and sedatives.

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About 65% of preschool children recover within 2 years after the onset of logoneurosis. The methods used by speech therapists enable children to achieve normal speech as early as adolescence. When starting treatment at a much later age (after about 5 years of stuttering), recovery is very slow and only 18% of people get rid of the disease later. However, even in adults, there is a chance to make the disorder almost invisible to others.

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