How To Treat A Hip Fracture

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How To Treat A Hip Fracture
How To Treat A Hip Fracture

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Hip fractures are more common at a young age, but the older generation is not immune from such a serious injury. Treatment of a fracture is very complex and long, often with certain complications, which, in principle, can be adjusted if you are under the supervision of a specialist all the time. If you suddenly fall unsuccessfully and feel a sharp pain in your hip, immediately call an ambulance and start treatment. Delay can cause serious complications, up to death due to blood loss.

How to treat a hip fracture
How to treat a hip fracture


Step 1

After the X-ray examination, the question of the type of treatment and possibly surgical intervention will be resolved. If the bone is badly fractured, you will undergo surgery and try to collect the fragments. Most often, you need to lie on a hood in a hospital, when a needle is stuck through the bone and a load is suspended, but without this complete restoration of the leg is impossible. Then you will have to walk in a cast for more than 7 weeks.

Step 2

Support your body after you leave the hospital. It will be hard to walk, but you shouldn't sit too long. You should take small walks every day, and to make it easier to do, buy crutches. Try not to step on the sore leg, the extra load can damage it.

Step 3

Take vitamins, calcium is especially good at promoting bone healing. But all this should be recommended to you by the attending physician. You can also chop up egg shells and fry them in a skillet. Take the powder orally at the tip of a teaspoon three times a day. Try to eat as much dairy products as possible, especially cottage cheese and sour cream.

Step 4

Unfortunately, there are no definite methods of treatment; it takes time for the bones to heal. After removing the cast, you will need to go to therapeutic exercises, since during the period of immobilization, other cartilaginous tissues suffered. The development of the leg takes a little more than a month, but lameness does not always disappear without a trace, it all depends on the degree of bone damage and the duration of stay in the cast.

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