A Healthy Diet Without Meat

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A Healthy Diet Without Meat
A Healthy Diet Without Meat

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During fasting days or fasting, animal fat and meat are excluded, first of all. But experts do not advise composing your diet without including protein in it, because it is he who is responsible for the condition of the muscles. There are a number of products that can partially replace meat.

A healthy diet without meat
A healthy diet without meat


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Vegetable protein not only has properties to build muscle mass. Its role is significant in the construction of enzymes and hormones. Without it, the protective functions of the body are not able to fully operate. Protein is involved in the regeneration of hemoglobin, etc.

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Vegetable proteins are inferior in content to animals, but their role is invaluable during fasting or diets. It is important to note that by consuming vegetable protein, the ingestion of cholesterol into the body is excluded.

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The sources of vegetable protein include, first of all, legumes. The most popular among them are beans, peas, lentils. These foods contain a sufficient amount of lysine. But they are not rich in methionine. To compensate for this gap, add some cornflakes or rice to the beans or lentils. Soy is also rich in protein, and many dishes are prepared from it. Soy can be considered a good alternative to meat.

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Do not forget about nuts during fasting days. This type of product is not only a delicacy. They can replenish the lack of iron and cobalt in the body. Nuts stimulate the activity of the intestines and the brain well. It is enough to consume a small handful of nuts in the morning to recharge with energy, strength, which will be enough to hold out until a full lunch or dinner.

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Fruits and vegetables can be a source of vegetable protein. Seafood fits perfectly into a meat-free diet. Seaweed is a treasure trove of natural protein. Moreover, they carry iodine necessary for the full functioning of the thyroid gland.

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It is not worth giving up completely animal products. However, periodically replacing meat with vegetable protein is a good thing.

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