How To Increase Vascular Tone

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How To Increase Vascular Tone
How To Increase Vascular Tone

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Hypotension means decreased vascular tone or low blood pressure. This condition is accompanied by a pressure lower than 105 to 70. In this case, a person may experience dizziness, weakness, headaches. With a sharp decrease in vascular tone, fainting is possible.

How to increase vascular tone
How to increase vascular tone


Step 1

Start your day with a mug of strong green tea. This tea will invigorate you in no way worse than coffee, but in this case it will not harm your heart in the least.

Step 2

Drink 2 tablets called Green Tea Extract and half an ascorbic acid tablet.

Step 3

Place 30 drops of ginseng tincture in a glass of fresh grape juice or plain plain water. Then drink the resulting liquid.

Step 4

Take 25 - 30 drops of the drug "Cordiamine" and mix them with one teaspoon of lemongrass tincture. Then drink this mixture and place a glycine tablet under your tongue.

Step 5

Drink one cup of coffee, but remember not to get carried away with it. Three mugs a day will be more than enough.

Step 6

Eat a small piece of salted cheese. After all, salt also helps to increase vascular tone.

Step 7

Use tonic natural remedies such as: tincture of eleutherococcus, lemongrass, leuzea, ginseng. Take them 20 or 30 drops 20 minutes before eating, no more than three times a day, after dissolving in a quarter of a glass of water.

Step 8

Take a contrast shower in the morning. This is a good way to train your blood vessels as well as prevent hypotension. Alternate cool and hot water when showering.

Step 9

Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours and start your morning with a little physical exercise. After all, exercise can improve blood circulation in your body, as well as strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Step 10

Drink plenty of water, especially in hot weather. Blood pressure drops due to insufficient fluid in the body.

Step 11

Vigorously rub and knead the muscles of the legs, as well as the lumbosacral and abdominal regions. In the evening, while lying down, raise your legs above the level of your head.

Step 12

Do an acupressure massage. At the same time, act on a point located in the middle between the upper lip and nose.

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