What Is Treated With Camphor Alcohol

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What Is Treated With Camphor Alcohol
What Is Treated With Camphor Alcohol

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Camphor alcohol is a local irritant preparation based on camphor. This substance is obtained from camphor basil, camphor laurel, Siberian fir, and some types of wormwood.

What is treated with camphor alcohol
What is treated with camphor alcohol


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Camphor tones breathing, improves the work of sympathetic nerves, helps to get rid of chronic pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis, colds and intestinal disorders. The properties of this substance are completely retained by the alcohol obtained on its basis. Compress with camphor alcohol (2%) is used to treat otitis media. The product helps relieve pain and swelling, warms and relieves inflammation.

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To make a compress, dilute camphor alcohol in half with water, slightly heat and moisten gauze with the resulting liquid. Pre-make holes in it for the auricle. To avoid burns, lubricate the parotid space with petroleum jelly or baby cream before the procedure. Place the gauze around your ear and cover the top with compress paper (also with a hole in the middle) and then cotton wool. Secure the bandage with a bandage or scarf. Make sure that your ear is open so that no alcohol gets into it. Keep the compress for about two hours.

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With otitis media, you can make camphor baths. For these purposes, heat the alcohol to 36 ° C, lie on your side so that the sore ear is on top, drip the drug into it in an amount of six drops. Lie down for 20 minutes, then you can sit down. Place a cotton swab in the ear canal first to prevent the alcohol from leaking out. After baths with camphor alcohol, it is very important to protect the ear from drafts and cold.

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Use camphor rubbing alcohol for inflammatory processes accompanying arthritis, myalgia, myositis, sciatica, arthralgia, and to prevent pressure ulcers. Rub the product on the skin of painful areas two to three times a day until the condition is relieved. To treat bruises, bruises, dilute camphor alcohol with water in a 1: 1 ratio, moisten a gauze cloth folded several times and place it on the painful place. Put polyethylene on top, wrap the compress with a warm cloth and leave overnight. Repeat the procedure until the bruise is completely healed or until the bruise disappears completely.

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When using, do not allow camphor alcohol to come into contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If accidentally spilled, rinse off with plenty of running water. Do not use camphor alcohol in children, as there is no pediatric experience with it. You can not use the drug for necrotic ulcerative diseases of the skin, with hypersensitivity to it. Camphor alcohol can have side effects, these include allergic reactions (urticaria).

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