What To Do If There Is No Appetite In The Morning

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What To Do If There Is No Appetite In The Morning
What To Do If There Is No Appetite In The Morning

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Many people know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. During breakfast, the body wakes up and starts working. What to do if you don't feel like eating at all in the morning?

What to do if there is no appetite in the morning
What to do if there is no appetite in the morning

Why is it necessary to have breakfast?

To begin with, let's find out why the lack of a morning meal really does a lot of harm to health. First of all, regardless of whether a person eats in the morning or not, hydrochloric acid is produced in large quantities in his body. And if there is no food in the stomach at that moment, then it starts. This leads to frequent abdominal discomfort, heartburn and pain. The gallbladder also suffers, because it secretes bile into the intestines only if food has entered the body. Otherwise, the bile stagnates and thickens. This can lead to indigestion, vomiting, and neglected cases - to.

Oddly enough, but the lack of breakfast can lead to. People who regularly eat breakfast have a metabolism that is more intense than the average (up to 4%), while in people who chronically skip morning meals, this figure is much lower (up to 5% below normal). The lower the metabolic rate, the greater the risk of gaining extra pounds. Plus, non-breakfast people already consume more calories a day, especially in the evening. They try to make up for the lack of energy with more fatty and high-calorie food, hence obesity.

Metabolic disorders can lead to more serious consequences. Excess weight, cholesterol, blood clots are all risks in the kidneys.

Why is there no appetite?

But if breakfast is so necessary for the body, why do some people wake up completely without appetite? The most common reason is that on a regular basis the body does not have time to gain strength, does not have time to rest, but it is already forced to work. The body needs rest! If a person sleeps 4-5 hours a day, what kind of correct functioning of the digestive system can we talk about?

Another problem is. They are often combined with the first reason. Eating a big meal and going to bed right away is not a good idea. Perhaps the body simply does not have time to digest everything, and you do not feel like eating. The feeling of hunger in such cases wakes up just in time for lunch and flares up for dinner. This is how the habit of nighttime snacks is formed.

Perhaps you are just already used to having breakfast. Being in a hurry to get ready for work in the morning may have formed the habit of skipping meals and running to work while waiting for lunch. In this case, you need to gradually retrain your body.

In addition, the cause of any digestive disorders is often psychological (stress and neuroses), as well as somatic diseases. In these cases, you cannot cope with the problem on your own. It is necessary to regularly undergo examinations by doctors in order to avoid the appearance or development of any diseases, and at the first signs of stress or psychological discomfort, it is advisable to immediately contact a psychologist.

How do you train yourself to have breakfast?

First of all, try to eliminate the reasons mentioned above. Try going to bed earlier than usual so that you sleep for at least 6-7 hours. For dinner, try to eat light and low-fat food, and it is better to finish your evening meal at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.

If we are talking about years of missed breakfasts, it is better to introduce the morning meal into the diet gradually. At first, you will have to do it through force, but you don't even need to mock your body and fill it with food against your will. For a start, a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal with tea are also suitable. Gradually increase the portion to the normal amount.

Don't eat right after waking up. Make breakfast an extreme ritual of your morning routine. It will be easier to eat in 30-60 minutes after sleep.If, however, during this period the appetite does not appear at all, at first it is worth thinking about. If possible, you can take breakfast directly to work. After the way to work, the body should definitely wake up.

Try to diversify your morning menu. Obviously, no one wants to cook in the morning, but even if you alternate at least three dishes (porridge, sandwiches with whole grain bread, scrambled eggs), it will be easier for you to start breakfast.

Remember, breakfast is an essential part of the daily diet that fills us with health and energy.

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