As Kapha Is Joy, Vate Is Death

As Kapha Is Joy, Vate Is Death
As Kapha Is Joy, Vate Is Death

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Simple and clear notes on the three main types of people in Ayurveda. Recommendations are attached.

Three constitutions in Ayurveda
Three constitutions in Ayurveda

You've probably noticed that we all get sick in different ways.

This is especially obvious to women. One has acidity, heartburn, acne, and bad hair. This means that a cosmetologist and a gastroenterologist have long lists of procedures. And the other has perfect skin, on the head - a thick lush a la Angela Davis, but sinusitis and swelling tortured. And these are punctures and antihistamines. Very different doctors and problems.

Ayurveda quite clearly and rigidly distributes us all on the shelves. Take tests, get to know your constitution better. And you can overcome your disease.

This is not traditional medicine. This is a completely different approach. Individual.

For example, you find out that you have a lot of Pitta. What does it mean? Of course, Ayurveda is a complex science, and it is not so easy to find a specialist. But we will proceed from the realities of our life and the average salary. Let's consider a primitive approach. So pitta is a bit too much:


You are often angry and bilious, your illnesses go away with burning or fever, with inflammation, boils, sore throats, diarrhea, etc. Recommendations:

  • more cooling, less heating
  • cool as much as you can (without fanaticism).
  • plunge into cool water, eat light food without hot spices, salads. Opt for cooling herbs for your treatment.
  • do not sunbathe, do not go to the sauna.

These recommendations are relevant if you are in a state of relative stability. It is clear that if the sore throat has already overtaken, then it is too late to drink cold.

Cotton wool

Signs: this is about people of the wind, who are dry in everything, and there is little body juices - hence constipation, lack of lubrication, rare colds, dry dark skin, and limbs are dry, sinewy or emaciated people. Suffer from joint pain. Vata disease often means old age. People with cold hands and feet go to bed in socks. Such a vata guy will be cold at 20 and 80.


  • keep warm. Go to the bathhouse (humid warm environment !!)
  • eat thick, oily flavored foods, lagmans and pot fries, and no croutons!
  • less doping: coffee, alcohol, sex - all this to limit. Take care of your delicate nervous system. What kapha can do is vate death.


Signs: the image of a pale bbw, such a slow, overweight lady with an eternal runny nose, a tendency to allergies, stagnation. Recommendations:

  • light food, light !! And more bitter.
  • kapha gain weight just by looking at food. And their weight slows them down even more. Therefore, radish of all varieties will help you. But yoghurts, any milk, sweet fruits, cookies and ice cream are not for you.
  • sex is shown in any reasonable amount. And in general, everything that can awaken the joy of life is shown.

These are just notes. I would very much like that people in my country, especially women, understood a little about their constitution, the constitutions of their children and husband. The woman is a doctor. And she can do a lot for her loved ones. I hope this information will push you and interest you to study yourself!

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