Neuropathic Pain And Chili Peppers

Neuropathic Pain And Chili Peppers
Neuropathic Pain And Chili Peppers

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Neuropathic pain occurs when nerves are damaged. They are not associated with a malfunction of the internal organs. In this case, any part of the nervous system can be affected - central, peripheral, sympathetic. For a person with such pain, even the simplest actions, for example, shoeing or walking, become unbearable. Neuropathic pain manifests itself in many different ways and is therefore difficult to diagnose.

Neuropathic pain and chili peppers
Neuropathic pain and chili peppers

The following reasons can lead to nerve damage:

- diabetes mellitus followed by diabetic polyneuropathy, - stroke with partial or complete damage to the nervous system of the body, - osteochondrosis or diseases of the spine, which can lead to a pinched nerve, - multiple sclerosis, which causes neuropathic pain in different areas of the body, - spinal cord injury with damage to nerve fibers, - postoperative pain in the area of ​​sutures.

By the way, excessive alcohol consumption can also cause neuropathic pain.

The main method of therapy in the treatment of neuropathic pain today is pharmacotherapy, that is, the determination of the cause of pain is the selection of medications. If the pain is not very severe, you can try using a simple recipe - red hot pepper.

Red pepper, chili, cayenne pepper - these names all refer to hot peppers. This is not only an attractive highlight in the kitchen. The pungent properties of pepper help fight pain. The fact is that pepper contains a substance that concentrates its sharp bitterness - capsaicin. It has already been studied sufficiently. Capsaicin is known to be neurotoxic and block pain receptors.

It happens as follows: the sharp substance capsaicin, when it gets on the skin, excites receptors (pain, temperature). First, an impulse is sent signaling pain to the brain. In this case, the skin becomes reddened and it begins to "burn". This effect relaxes spasmodic muscle fibers. Then the nerve endings of the receptors relax. This produces an analgesic effect. Ointments, creams and patches made from red pepper can reduce mild muscle and nerve pain.

Unfortunately, not everyone tolerates cayenne pepper well. People with sensitive skin can get burned after using the pepper preparation. Therefore, apply cream or ointment to a small area of ​​skin before use to check for reaction.

Caution! Pepper can be painful if it gets in your eyes or nose.

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