Elokom: Indications For Use

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Elokom: Indications For Use
Elokom: Indications For Use

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The drug "Elokom" is designed to fight various skin diseases, including allergic ones, and belongs to glucocorticosteroid drugs for local use. In order to understand how effective this ointment is, it is necessary to study not only its composition and pharmacological action, but also the opinion of doctors and buyers.

"Elokom": indications for use
"Elokom": indications for use

Indications for use

Elokom is available in three forms: ointment, cream and lotion. Forms differ in different concentrations of excipients. The most "strong" is the ointment, the "weak" - the lotion. Elokom is a hormonal preparation designed to relieve itching, irritation, redness and stimulate the formation of its own proteins in the area of ​​application. When applied to the skin, it is practically not absorbed into the blood. But do not forget that the drug is hormonal and its concentration in the body depends on a number of factors: the abundance of application, open wounds, the duration of use.

Indications for the use of "Elokom" are skin diseases accompanied by itching: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema of various origins, sunburn, lupus erythematosus, an allergic reaction to insect bites.

But with all the advantages of the drug, it has quite a few contraindications. You can not use "Elokom" during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as in children under two years of age. Elokom does not treat skin rashes caused by viral diseases: chickenpox, herpes, fungal infection. The ointment is not used on mucous membranes and skin diseases with syphilis and tuberculosis, as well as on places of redness after vaccination.

"Elokom" for children

Treatment with "Elokom" children is carried out only after the prescription of the drug by the doctor and under his constant supervision. This is due to the hormonal composition of the drug and its penetration under the skin when used over a large area of ​​the lesion. Do not use ointment under the diaper and do not bandage the application site, since the absorption of the drug into the blood in this case increases. Manufacturers indicate that the ointment can be applied not only to the body, but also to the face, which is a big plus for childhood atopic dermatitis. Elokom is completely unsuitable for application under a diaper. If we are talking about ordinary irritation, it is better to use special baby creams and ointments. Here we are talking about a drug with a bunch of side effects.

You can find reviews about the use of "Elokom" in adolescents to get rid of acne, although this is not stated in the pharmacological action. However, buyers of the ointment note the positive effect of drug therapy. It's no secret that hormonal ointments work best to treat acne. And if you close the "childish" topic, it is necessary to note the good result of the ointment for insect bites, especially in those children who are prone to allergic reactions.

Psoriasis treatment

But whether to trust the drug to those who are unsuccessfully struggling with psoriasis? It is clear that we are not talking about complete recovery, but about temporary relief of the symptoms of the disease. Psoriasis is insidious in that it also affects the scalp, where it is difficult to use ointments and creams. To solve this problem, Elokom is available in the form of a lotion that is easy to apply and does not leave a film. Moreover, you need to apply the lotion once a day. But in addition to the advantages in the treatment of psoriasis, the drug also has disadvantages, which are noted by those who use the lotion on an ongoing basis. Most patients noted strong addiction with prolonged use and, as a result, withdrawal syndrome. Do not forget that Elokom treats only the external manifestations of a skin disease and therapy with additional drugs is still necessary.However, if you look at the statistics of positive dynamics in a study of a group of 33 patients with psoriasis, 22 patients showed improvement after three weeks.

Most of the reviews about the drug are left by those who used it to eliminate the symptoms of itching, redness and rashes due to dermatitis and eczema of various origins - allergic, neurodermatitis, when working with chemicals, seborrheic eczema, dyshidrotic eczema (with dry skin). The manifestations of dermatitis and eczema are not always chronic, and exacerbation can occur with a combination of many factors.

And now about the cons

Naturally, Elokom, like any drug, has side effects. The most common is dry skin where the cream is applied. A burning sensation and redness of the skin can be added to dryness. Or, on the contrary, weeping skin areas, prickly heat, stretch marks, rash, inflammation of the hair follicle appear. In these cases, the drug must be canceled and a doctor should be consulted. Because the uncontrolled use of the ointment can change the clinical picture of the disease.

Some of the respondents noted numbness of the skin area after applying the ointment, pallor of the skin, which disappears after the drug is discontinued. Long-term daily use of the ointment is fraught with another danger - addiction. After a sharp withdrawal of the drug, redness, itching, and peeling may appear on the diseased skin areas. The drug is canceled gradually, minimizing its use - at first every other day, then after two, and so on.

Elokoma has side effects that are common to all hormonal drugs. Due to long-term admission, complicated by the large surface of application of the ointment and the application of a bandage to the affected area, adrenal insufficiency may develop. Symptoms of adrenal insufficiency include: decreased blood pressure, weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, and the appearance of age spots.

If we briefly summarize all the reviews about the drug "Elokom", we can conclude that the ointment has proven itself well in patients with certain skin diseases. Among the advantages of "Elokom" can be identified a quick effect on the focus of skin lesions, ease of use, lack of strong odor, convenience of dosage forms (ointment, cream, lotion), which allows you to use the drug for any part of the body, except for mucous membranes.

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