The Consequences Of Substance Abuse

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The Consequences Of Substance Abuse
The Consequences Of Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse is a disease that develops as a result of the regular use of psychoactive substances. It is characterized by physical and psychological dependence, change and mental disorders, which lead to the complete degradation of the personality.

The consequences of substance abuse
The consequences of substance abuse

The negative effect of toxic substances

The most common drug addicts are children and adolescents aged 10-16 years from disadvantaged families. The reason for the formation of addiction is the desire to experience new sensations, curiosity. Toxic substances destroy the body, have a negative effect on the psyche. The teenager becomes inhibited, he loses the ability to think logically and assimilate new knowledge.

Addicts stop communicating with their peers, as they begin to lag behind in mental development. Their social circle is closed on the same toxic addicts or guys with a low level of intelligence. They become angry and aggressive, they begin to provoke conflict situations. The negative effect of toxic substances on the body is irreversible, since the cells of the brain and central nervous system are destroyed. Most drug addicts subsequently begin to take drugs sooner or later.

Toxic substances cause physical and mental dependence. The latter develops after 2-3 days and is manifested by an irresistible desire to experience euphoria again. The absence of such sensations causes a state of psychological discomfort, which the toxicomaniac removes with the help of the next dose. Over time, physical dependence arises: a whole complex of mental and autonomic-neurological disorders appears. It is present after the end of the intake of toxic substances. This condition is called withdrawal symptoms.

Diseases caused by substance abuse

The first signs of the negative consequences of substance abuse appear not earlier than after 1 month. The functions of the cardiovascular system are impaired, liver problems appear, mucous membranes become inflamed, and the lungs are damaged. Often, an abscess of the lungs is formed, with an unfavorable outcome, it turns into a chronic form, characterized by the regular formation of purulent foci.

Substance abuse leads to the development of heart failure - a complex of disorders of the cardiovascular system. As a result, the myocardium is overloaded, hypertrophy develops, metabolic disorders, blood supply to the myocardium is disrupted. As a result of poisoning with toxic substances, enteritis develops - an inflammation of the small intestine. The most common complications of the disease are anemia, exhaustion and hypovitaminosis. A kidney tumor is also a consequence of substance abuse. If untreated, the patient dies from intoxication.

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