Carpets In The House & Minus; Comfort Or Harm To Health?

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Carpets In The House & Minus; Comfort Or Harm To Health?
Carpets In The House & Minus; Comfort Or Harm To Health?

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Soft and beautiful carpets can transform any room, which is why they are almost as popular today as they were in former times. Using carpets, it is easy to make a room unique, to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in it. But at the same time, more and more people are striving to free their apartments from carpets, fearing their negative impact on the health of households.

Carpets in the house - comfort or harm to health?
Carpets in the house - comfort or harm to health?

Carpets can have both short and long pile, so each buyer is free to decorate the house in accordance with their ideas of comfort. Oval, square, round, rectangular - carpets differ not only in shape, but also in the material from which they are made. And despite the fact that in modern apartments heated floors can be responsible for keeping warm, carpets create a special atmosphere in the house. In order for carpets to become a worthy find for the interior, when choosing them, it is necessary to give preference to high-quality products, for the production of which no harmful substances were used.

Carpets in a modern interior

Since ancient times, carpets have been used as interior decorations. And today these products are losing their practical purpose - to give and preserve warmth; instead, they are assigned a decorative function. Variegated or monochromatic, voluminous or lint-free, large or small - these different carpets add zest to the interior and attract the attention of guests.

It is necessary to refuse to use carpets in the apartment if the tenants have a predisposition to asthma or allergies.

In order for the carpet to look the most harmonious, it should not only overlap in color with the details of the interior, but also generally correspond to the style of the room.

Long pile carpets make your home truly cozy. It is pleasant to sit on them, having gathered in the evening with the whole family in front of the TV. Fluffy carpets always look unusual and expensive, and if you want to create a homely atmosphere in the room, give preference to products in warm colors.

In a room with monochromatic walls, floors and ceilings, multi-colored carpets, for example, decorated with prints or ornaments, will look optimal. Carpets laid out parallel to the walls also look stylish; they visually increase the space. A small rug should be placed by the door or sofa, and a large rug should be darker than the walls in shade.

Health effects of carpets

Natural carpets and products made from high quality materials are durable and attractive. It is pleasant to touch them, durable carpets perfectly drown out sounds and allow parents not to worry that the baby will catch a cold while sitting on the floor.

The safest for human health are woolen carpets, products made from organic cotton or coconut fibers. Carpets with fire-resistant coatings that have been treated with special compounds may cause allergies. Carpets made from low-quality raw materials can cause serious harm to the health of households. Such products can cause allergic reactions due to the use of cheap paints and chemical compositions used for processing products, their pungent smell does not disappear for a long time.

Allergies, asthma and other diseases can be caused by mites living in carpet fibers. They are especially harmful at temperatures above 13 ° C and humidity above 60%. These conditions are ideal for the proliferation of such mites, so the carpets must be constantly cleaned. Moreover, an ordinary vacuum cleaner may not cope with this task.

In order to prevent the reproduction of domestic ticks, it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner in the house in the winter, or to ventilate the rooms as often as possible.

For cleaning carpets, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters or washing devices must be used.Chemical treatment of carpets and steam treatment bring good results. Regularly it is necessary to do deep cleaning of the carpet, for example, by handing it over to dry cleaning. You can wash the product outdoors and dry it well in the sun.

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