Can A Lazy Person Become Active?

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Can A Lazy Person Become Active?
Can A Lazy Person Become Active?

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Laziness is a real problem for both very young members of society and for its adults. No one will force a person to work, only he himself can develop perseverance or find motivation to do something.

Can a lazy person become active?
Can a lazy person become active?

Laziness can manifest itself in different forms: someone likes to lie quietly on the couch after work and watch a movie instead of doing the necessary household chores, someone is lazy to play sports, and spends the weekend at home instead of walking around the city and doing active entertainment. But it happens that laziness reaches more serious forms. So, the student is lazy and leaves homework unfulfilled, and the employee spends hours at the workplace, but cannot bring himself to complete even elementary tasks. Time passes, but nothing changes, so you have to break the deadlines or do everything at the last moment. Such laziness is already destructive both for a person and for his cause, it captures him, takes possession of his mind, it can be very difficult to cope with it. How to overcome such laziness and can a lazy person become active?

Reasons for laziness

Despite all the claims about laziness, some psychologists declare: no laziness, at least pathological, does not exist. There are several reasons for this behavior, and the main ones are the body's defense and lack of motivation. The protection of the body is associated with an ancient mechanism inherent in man. The principle of its operation is simple: a person seeks to save energy, not to waste it, then he will be able to save resources and last longer. All actions for obtaining food, caring for housing and children are a waste of energy. When it is needed, a person, of course, will perform the necessary actions and will see the meaning in them. But as soon as such an extreme necessity disappears and it is possible to postpone this or that matter at least a little bit, the body seizes on this opportunity and forces a person to postpone many things for later. This is called laziness. You can not be lazy in this case, only realizing the advantages or the need to do things. And here we are talking about motivation.

Benefits of the right motivation

Motivation is the main factor in fighting laziness. Laziness does not exist when there is the right motivation. Therefore, when a person is lazy, he simply does not have a clear understanding of why he needs to do this, and the desire to overcome the natural craving for a calm state. For example, if a student does not do the required assignments, it means that he has a job that currently occupies him more, or he does not like the subject to such an extent that even the risk of getting a bad grade does not scare him. The same thing happens in adult life: if a person is lazy at work, then he either needs to change his approach to this work, find advantages in it for being active, or he needs to change jobs. All approaches to ending laziness and starting an active life are based on the development of motivation.

You can become active from a lazy person if you find the niche that truly occupies a person. First, a person finds interest in such work, then the mechanisms of motivation come into play, efforts are made to achieve the result, and after this achievement comes satisfaction from the work and, as a result, a new increase in motivation to continue activities.

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