How To Identify A Tailbone Fracture

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How To Identify A Tailbone Fracture
How To Identify A Tailbone Fracture

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The tailbone - the coccygeal bone - is an underdeveloped tail section of the spine, which was not needed by humans in the process of evolution. It looks like a curved pyramid, turned upside down, and the top down and forward. Although it is a rudiment, it has considerable functional significance. Consists of four, in some cases, five underdeveloped vertebrae.

How to identify a tailbone fracture
How to identify a tailbone fracture


  • - examination by a surgeon, traumatologist;
  • - radiography.


Step 1

Fracture of the tailbone happens when you fall on the buttocks, when cycling for a long time, traffic accidents. A common cause of a fracture is difficult labor. In the general statistics of fractures, severe damage to the coccygeal bone is far from the leading place. Fracture-dislocations in the sacrococcygeal joint, ruptures of synchondrosis between the vertebrae of the coccyx or coccygeal synchondrosis are more common.

Step 2

Muscles and ligaments are attached to the anterior part of the tailbone, which are involved in the functioning of the organs of the genitourinary system and the large intestine. Therefore, in case of a tailbone fracture, an important role is given to the clinical assessment of damage.

Step 3

When viewed in the coccyx, swelling is clearly distinguished, a hematoma may appear, the load on the apex of the coccyx gives a strong pain syndrome. A digital examination through the rectum or vagina reveals mobility, crepitus of bone fragments, the so-called "step".

Step 4

After a superficial examination, it is necessary to conduct an X-ray, which reveals the features of the damage.

Step 5

Coccyx injuries are subject to conservative treatment - adherence to bed rest during the period of pronounced pain. In case of dislocations and fracture-dislocations, it is recommended to correct the deformity by bidigital manipulation, after which it is necessary to observe a seven-day bed rest.

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