Spermotoxicosis: Fiction Or Reality?

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Spermotoxicosis: Fiction Or Reality?
Spermotoxicosis: Fiction Or Reality?

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The term "spermotoxicosis" is often found in the vocabulary of young people. The word sounds like the name of some serious illness. But is it?

Spermotoxicosis: Fiction or Reality?
Spermotoxicosis: Fiction or Reality?

The term "spermotoxicosis" comes from two Greek words and means "sperm poisoning". On the Internet, this term is often found, which denotes a disease in young men caused by a long lack of sex life. Spermatozodides in a guy's body are formed in unthinkable quantities and begin to penetrate into the blood, and then into the brain, causing changes there that affect the behavior of the male. Just think, it turns out sperm can hit in the head!

So, the symptoms of spermotoxicosis are:

  • aggressiveness
  • increased sexual desire
  • fast fatiguability
  • changes in the skin, simply speaking acne.

Treatment methods

The only way to treat spermatoxicosis, according to those in the know, is sexual intercourse with a woman who is attractive. In all other cases of stress relief, the disease does not recede, but on the contrary may worsen, since the hormone of happiness is not released into the bloodstream, and the guy's brain continues to suffer from the consequences of the invasion of sperm.

Frankly, all of the above looks strange. However, what does not happen in life.

Moreover, even women are susceptible to sperm toxicosis, although their body does not produce sperm. It turns out that during sexual contact with several men, a chemical reaction can occur in a woman's body, which will cause symptoms of poisoning.

If everything is as the informed people describe, then humanity is in danger. Thousands of young people are forced to suffer from spermotoxicosis without a single hope of recovery, because age or moral standards do not allow them to start treatment competently. Moreover, doctors are obliged to take this disease into account and write out sick leaves for young people who cannot fully work due to brain damage caused by an invasion of sperm. Doctors are also required to prescribe treatment and prescribe prescriptions for unfortunate patients with spermatoxicosis.

But all this does not happen for one simple reason. Doctors had never heard of such a disease. And they only laugh when asked about it. It turns out that sperm are not so fast creatures to penetrate the brain. They live only in the territory designated for them and behave completely peacefully, without undermining the health of their owners. And all of the above symptoms are caused only by hormonal changes occurring in a young maturing male body. Such changes, according to doctors, are not at all harmful to the male body. In such cases, doctors recommend that young men engage in creativity, sports or physical work in order to live in harmony with their bodies.

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