How Baccarat Crystal Products Became Famous

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How Baccarat Crystal Products Became Famous
How Baccarat Crystal Products Became Famous

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Baccarat is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, crystal glassware company. For two hundred and fifty years, Baccarat crystal has been admiring the world.

Baccarat crystal history

The name of a small French town located near Nancy in Lorraine has become a symbol of the delightful craftsmanship of the artisans. Baccarat has never gone out of style and is famous for its great quality. Baccarat crystal is the national pride of France.

The history of Baccarat crystal began in 1764 under Louis the Fifteenth. This king ordered the start of glass production in the city of Baccarat, located in the east of the country. It was then that the history of the crystal empire began. All kinds of figurines, vases, accessories that were produced at a factory in this city were very popular among the French aristocracy. However, the first royal order was received by the master only in 1823 from Louis the Seventeenth.

Crowned buyers from Russia

In the nineteenth century in Europe, everything French was fashionable. This explains the increased interest of representatives of the royal houses of Europe in the crystal creations of Baccarat. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the main customer of the Baccarat factory was the Russian aristocracy. Alexander the First was a big fan of this crystal, and after a visit to the factory of the Russian Tsar Alexander II, the flow of orders from the Russian Empire increased many times over. This led to the fact that one of the factory's furnaces was named "Russian", since it produced products exclusively for the Russian market.

During the journey of Nicholas II, which he undertook after accession to the Russian throne, the French gave him a splendid reception, of course, the Baccarat crystal was presented there in all its splendor. Nicholas II immediately placed a huge order, it can be said that orders from Russia provided work and money for a large number of French craftsmen.

Baccarat today

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Baccarat has been catching fashion trends, adopting new styles, changing according to the times, but remaining faithful to traditions. Among the modern products of Baccarat, one can see candlesticks, vases, souvenirs, bottles, decorative sculpture, and accessories. The most unusual products of this factory include stunning crystal jewelry.

One of the old Parisian mansions houses the "House of Baccarat", which combines a boutique, a museum and a restaurant. Here you can see a delightful collection of the company's products - crystal chandeliers, multicolored cups, bottles, wine glasses. In the brand boutique you can buy wonderful products of the company, and in the refined restaurant you can taste unusual dishes. One has only to book a table in advance, as the popularity of this place is very high.

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