5 Thoughts Your Body Protects Against With Fat

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5 Thoughts Your Body Protects Against With Fat
5 Thoughts Your Body Protects Against With Fat

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A common cause of excess weight is seizing stress and negative thoughts - this postulate has long been indisputable in the psychological environment. It remains only to figure out exactly what thoughts lead to such a deplorable result.

5 thoughts your body protects against with fat
5 thoughts your body protects against with fat

Grudges that are hushed up

Have you ever noticed that when you feel an offense that you cannot express, you really want to go and treat yourself to a tasty treat?

The husband did not notice the cleanly tidied apartment, but he was just tired, let's not disturb him. The boss noted the diligence of a colleague, not yours, but we will not remind of ourselves, this is rude. Parents help your sister with children, and you are an older and experienced one, you can handle it yourself, and you are silent so as not to spoil your relationship with your family.

We literally stuff our mouths with food, so as not to let it slip out and remain good, comfortable girls. And in addition, the fat layer grows, as if protecting us from this unpleasant and offensive world. Even though she saves us.

Social desires that you don't want to fulfill

Society often imposes certain unspoken requirements on us. Failure to fulfill them means opposing him. And who wants to conflict with society? So our unconscious comes up with such an interesting game: get the right from others not to do it.

For example, a girl does not want to get married - this is her position, she already feels good, and she does not want to complicate her life. But everyone around only hopes for her marriage and children. Instead of arguing with society, it is much easier to accumulate impressive armor from fans on yourself, then everyone immediately understands that they will not take such a marriage, they can not wait.

It is unpleasant to be attractive

It would seem that absolutely any woman dreams of being slim and beautiful, but there are times when, unconsciously, it is more profitable for them to be unattractive to a man.

Masha has a difficult relationship with her husband, she no longer wants to live with him, and even more so to have sex. But even to myself it is difficult to admit it, because everyone around them considers them an ideal family. Becoming more and more voluminous and voluminous, Masha makes herself unattractive to her husband - then it is possible to perform marital duty less often or even reduce physical contact to zero.

It's scary to be attractive

One of the most powerful mechanisms in the subconscious accumulation of fat is fear. Fear can be anything. You may have been sexually abused at some time. Or many years ago you experienced a very painful breakup with a man - and now it is safe for you to only dream of a big and bright … with a piece of cake in your hands. Even a simple fear of being successful in society (after all, only slim people are associated with us with success) can provoke uncontrolled weight gain.

How to have fun without making an effort?

If the only route for you is the “home-work-home” route, you have long lost your taste for life, and even dreams more resemble plans for tomorrow, then it is no wonder that food has become the best entertainment for you. Until you find the strength to get out of this routine swamp, you will have to seize your boredom and loneliness with delicious ice cream. After all, this is the simplest and most affordable high. But then you will have to forget about a slender figure.

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