10 Healthy Eating Habits

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10 Healthy Eating Habits
10 Healthy Eating Habits

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As strange as it sounds, if we want to form healthy eating habits, then we will have to form new habits in principle. This will apply to the entire lifestyle. There is no other way.

10 healthy eating habits
10 healthy eating habits

We adjust the daily routine

Eating habits begin with a rational distribution of time for work, rest, sports, and adequate sleep. If at least one component is violated, then the nutrition will not be complete. Let's try to consider the points.


Number of meals

In order not to overeat and not to feel at times "brutal" hunger, nutritionists recommend organizing 4 to 6 meals a day. That is, in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and one more snack: morning, afternoon and evening. When we are very hungry, it is impossible to control the amount of food eaten. We do not feel the taste, quickly absorbing everything that came to hand.

It is known that appetite is regulated by such a part of the brain as the hypothalamus. After a certain amount of time after a meal, insulin and leptin levels rise. It is these hormones that signal the hypothalamus about the onset of satiety. If we allowed the onset of rampant hunger, then we manage to eat much more than the body needs before this signal occurs.

The most optimal time is considered to be a meal that lasts 20-30 minutes. This applies, of course, to the basic receptions: breakfast, lunch, dinner. A snack can be much shorter and it is needed just so that the basic techniques do not overload the stomach with volumes and are eaten without haste. It is equally important that the food is taken at about the same time.

Healthy sleep

There is some truth in every joke: in any diet, the main thing is to fall asleep on time. And there is. And this applies not only to the evenings, when closer to sleep you want to eat something else and, most often, carbohydrates. By the way, a timely evening snack is here to help. Currently, nutritionists have different opinions about when to take an evening snack.

Some believe that it makes no difference how long before bedtime you can eat. The main thing is that a person should consume no more than the body needs during the day. Others are inclined to argue that the evening meal should still be at least 2 hours before bedtime. Actually, everyone can test empirically on his body whether he is gaining weight with a late dinner or not, whether he is comfortable falling asleep with an empty or full stomach.

Moreover, one must also take into account that with a completely empty stomach, there can be no talk of a full-fledged sleep either. It is also necessary to go to bed on time so that the morning rise is not painful. And this is important in order to have time for breakfast before leaving for work. For those at home, getting up early is equally important. After all, otherwise it is difficult to accommodate 6 meals during the day.

Movement is life

Certain physical exercise is necessary not only for building muscle mass, but also for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, your daily routine must be arranged in such a way that there is a place for physical activity in it. Before we got out of bed, it means we managed, if not to walk to work, then at least do a 10-minute morning exercise. Over time, you can connect a gym.

Balanced nutrition is our healer


We are not always aware of how important the quality of what we send to the stomach is. Moreover, in the age of speed, nutrition is increasingly becoming the last plan. Career, earnings are a higher priority. And when the body begins to rebel and react with diseases, we think that newfangled medicines will quickly put us on our feet. After all, service is above all.

And yet, many today think about a healthy diet, switch to counting KBZHU (calories-proteins-fats-carbohydrates). Yes, it takes time, skill, constant monitoring.However, on the Internet, you can find many convenient modern programs that are easily installed on a smartphone and facilitate the calculation of this very KBZHU.

Breakfast is the backbone

Regular monitoring of what you eat allows you not only to normalize your weight (if it is overweight), but also to feel your body - how it reacts to a particular product, the amount of liquid, the amount consumed over time. Nor should a meal like breakfast be underestimated. It just should be attributed to the most important meal.

Firstly, in the morning you can relax even if we are counting calories. You can afford more carbs. It is good if these are slowly digestible carbohydrates, which include cereals. Make breakfast more nutritious than others during the day. Secondly, allow yourself just what will cheer you up in the early morning.

Learning to drink water


It is helpful to get into the habit of drinking a glass of water half an hour before any meal. And before breakfast, even two. Of course, they should not be drunk in one gulp. That is why, above, we were talking about a full-fledged sleep, which allows you to get up early. After all, you need to have time to do exercises, drink the right amount of water.

Do not be afraid of edema after drinking. Edema is often a sign of a lack of fluid in the body, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism. Hence, as a consequence, the slow digestion of food and the removal of its remnants and the same liquid. The drinking habit is developed gradually. If you have never drunk more than half a liter of water per day, then at first a liter will be enough. The body must get used to it, drink.

Then add the amount of water. At first, you cannot avoid the constant urge to go to the toilet after drinking. This is normal, and so only at first. Over time, everything will return to normal. In order to bring the water level to 1.5-2 liters per day, you will need 2-3 months of regular drinking. Let's say 0.5 liters in the morning, before breakfast, then before every meal and snack. It is better to drink each glass in 2-4 doses.

Know when to stop

A balanced diet implies a measure of everything. There should be no severe dietary restrictions. It is more correct to initially count for 1-2 weeks everything that is eaten per day, without restrictions. When the picture is complete, decide what is possible to reduce or divide into several meals. In no case should you completely give up carbohydrates and fats.

Carbohydrates are energy and fats are our hormones. Especially women should not reduce their daily intake below 50 grams. The number of BZHU can be calculated independently. It depends on weight, age, physical activity, and the presence of diseases. In the latter case, it is better to seek the advice of your doctor.

We eat with pleasure

The benefits of the food consumed will be greater if it is eaten with pleasure. This means that everything should not only be useful, but tasty and aesthetically beautifully decorated. Many people who decide to lose weight or improve themselves using the calorie counting technique note that they began to set the table, even if they set it only for themselves.

We must accept that healthy eating habits are a long journey, a lifetime. A significant result with this approach can be obtained only after a year or two. A rigid dietary framework provokes a quick return to the previous diet. When we eat in a balanced way, we keep a daily calorie count, then we can always plan to introduce into the diet the same piece of cake, candy, without prejudice to weight and health.

Focus on food


The principle "when I eat, I am deaf and dumb" has not been canceled either. While absorbing food, experts advise savoring every bite and not being distracted by TV and all sorts of gadgets. This prohibition is explained by the fact that, being carried away by them, you can imperceptibly eat too much. But there is another reason - we put food in our mouth and chew mechanically, which leads to the consequences of a failure in the gastrointestinal tract.

Who is the head in this house

We must accept the well-grounded scientific fact that our body is much "smarter and more cunning" than us. Therefore, if we want to develop new eating habits, we will have to reckon with it. And here there can be no general advice, since each person is individual. To understand the reaction of your body to a certain eating habit is precisely what helps to control what you eat.

The secret is that as soon as we start to limit ourselves in the amount of food, the metabolism also slows down. The body "turns on" the energy saving mode. The golden mean is important in everything, no sudden movements in any direction. Both an increase and a sharp decrease in caloric intake are contraindicated.

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