How To Quit Bad Habits

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How To Quit Bad Habits
How To Quit Bad Habits

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Bad habits poison life, it seems that you need to give them up, but at the same time there is not enough willpower. If you have long been tired of drinking, smoking or abusing sugary or other foods, then break this chain and clearly decide to quit the bad habit forever.

How to quit bad habits
How to quit bad habits


Step 1

First of all, tune in to the fact that you will no longer abuse this or that. If you quit smoking, throw all cigarettes out of the house so that they do not attract, because it is for this reason that breakdowns occur. If the cigarettes are not at home, then while you go to the store for them, there is a chance to change your mind and come back. Do the same with alcohol or "insidious" foods that beckon you.

Step 2

Gather all your willpower into a fist and hold on. The first weeks of weaning from a habitual harmful activity, you will feel some discomfort. But gradually you will forget about it. Get distracted, try to work harder, walk in the fresh air and relax. After a few 10-14 days, you will feel much better.

Step 3

Avoid companies that you have previously talked to, at least in the first month. For example, if you have smoked or drank alcohol, do not go to clubs. When you have already come to terms with the idea that you have given up a bad habit, and you will no longer be drawn to it, you can return to the life that you lived before, only without the "burden" of bad habits.

Step 4

Try to think only good things. For example, how you will feel good when your body recovers. If you are on a diet, then soothe yourself with the thought of what new outfits you will buy. After all, excessive consumption of food is as bad a habit as nicotine or alcohol.

Step 5

If your problem is gambling addiction, then just don't take money from home with you. In your pocket you should only have the amount that is needed for travel in transport, then the risk of "breakdown" will be reduced to zero. Gambling addiction is hard enough to defeat on your own, as well as drug addiction, so go to the hospital to see a psychiatrist. Your doctor will prescribe treatment to help you defeat your insidious addiction.

Step 6

In any case, if you want to give up bad habits, you must come to this decision yourself. People who have been doing it for 20-30 years quit smoking. Alcoholics also return to normal life just because they choose to do so, not because they were forced to do so. There are a lot of positive examples, try to be equal to healthy people and improve yourself.

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