Prevention And Treatment Of Flat Feet

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Prevention And Treatment Of Flat Feet
Prevention And Treatment Of Flat Feet

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Flat feet can lead to unpleasant and serious complications. There may be pain in the feet, unnatural gait, curvature of the spine, various diseases of the muscles and joints. Do not delay the treatment of flat feet, but rather engage in prevention.

Prevention and treatment of flat feet
Prevention and treatment of flat feet


Step 1

To prevent flat feet, be sure to buy only comfortable shoes without high heels and large platforms. Wear shoes made from natural, soft materials with flexible soles. Get an orthopedic examination annually.

Step 2

It is useful for prevention to perform various exercises: walking on toes, on the heels and on the outside of the feet. Try to massage your feet as often as possible.

Step 3

It is believed that walking barefoot on the ground, grass, sand, stones eliminates flat feet well, so try to walk barefoot in the garden and vegetable garden.

Step 4

Almost every sport strengthens the feet, especially swimming, because kicks are performed. The only exception will be speed skating and weightlifting. they put a lot of stress on the feet.

Step 5

For flat feet, it is recommended to wear orthopedic shoes with comfortable instep supports.

Step 6

Try to do relaxing foot baths before bed as often as possible. Fill one basin with hot water and the other with cold water. First, steam your feet in hot water, and then lower your feet into a basin of cold water. Do this several times.

Step 7

Do an effective rolling pin exercise while seated. It is necessary to roll the rolling pin on the floor, first with each foot separately, then simultaneously with both feet. The rolling pin can be replaced with a plastic water bottle or a stick.

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