Autumn Depression: How To Get Rid Of The Blues

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Autumn Depression: How To Get Rid Of The Blues
Autumn Depression: How To Get Rid Of The Blues

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Autumn gives people not only a rich harvest or the beauty of nature. A frequent phenomenon that accompanies a person during this period is autumn depression. Why does it appear and how to cope with the coming autumn blues?

Good mood helps cope with autumn depression
Good mood helps cope with autumn depression

With the onset of autumn, people feel tired. Outside the window there is slush, darkness, cold. I want to get under the covers and do nothing. A decline in strength with the approach of winter is the first sign of an autumn depression. How to recognize and quickly deal with the blues in time?

Causes of autumn fatigue

Autumn depression has a physiological rationale. With the onset of cold weather, all biological rhythms in nature slow down. Trees are preparing to sleep all winter, animals are storing food, gaining weight. So it happens with a person.

Lack of sunlight leads to a decrease in the production of the hormone of joy - serotonin. This provokes a depressed mood, laziness, a feeling of depression. The falling temperature outside gives the body a signal: it's time to store fat in preparation for the long winter.

As a result, a person suffering from autumn depression wants to be alone, eat more and go to bed. This condition negatively affects performance, family relationships, general physical condition. What should I do?

1. Try artificially lengthening daylight hours. Switch on all available lighting in the apartment. It turns out not very economical, but extremely useful. The body will become less tired, there will be strength for work and study.

2. Wear bright clothes. Buy a bright scarf, handbag, gloves. Standing out among the depressed nature, they will create a good mood.

3. Watch comedies. Do not get carried away with tearful melodramas, it is better to go to the movies with a funny story. Have fun and your fall depression symptoms will subside.

4. Eat vegetables, fruits. It is desirable that they be in bright colors. Oranges, red apples are perfect. Don't skip meat. To beat depression, the body needs protein.

5. Listen to energetic music. Sing or dance for your pleasure. Let the dance be far from ideal, the main thing is to distract from sad thoughts.

Think about yourself more. Have you ever wanted to ride a horse or fly in a hot air balloon? Autumn is the right time. Find reasons to be happy, smile more often. Then the autumn blues will not be scary to you.

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