How To Treat Green Snot

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How To Treat Green Snot
How To Treat Green Snot

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People often get colds, and therefore treat this ailment lightly. One of the main symptoms of this disease is snot. They can be of different colors, but when the nasal discharge is green, it is worth sounding the alarm, as this is already a serious symptom.

How to treat green snot
How to treat green snot

Green snot is a sign telling a person that the disease is severely neglected. They can indicate the presence of pneumonia or bronchitis. Green nasal discharge occurs when the body is infected with a virus and the immune system is actively fighting it.

Treatment of green snot in a child

Children often have green snot. This phenomenon indicates an ongoing bacterial infection. The green color of snot is often associated with the multiplication of bacteria, which die under the influence of leukocytes and also gradually die off. This phenomenon must be treated immediately, regardless of the cause. If the problem is started, then the snot can develop into chronic sinusitis. Treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a pediatrician, who should establish the cause of the green snot and prescribe drops or prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Before going to the doctor, it is necessary to cleanse the child's nasal passages by removing the remaining mucus. This will require rinsing the nasal cavity with saline. You can make it yourself at home. To do this, stir 10 grams of food or sea salt in a liter of warm boiled water. It is necessary for the salt to dissolve completely. It is important to know that rinsing solutions are also sold at the pharmacy. In addition, it is recommended that the child is often taken out to fresh air, and a damp and cool environment should be created in the apartment. You should not treat a baby with folk remedies, since the consequences may not be very good.

Treatment for green snot in adults

Adults may also develop green snot. Other methods are used to treat them. You can, for example, breathe over steam, but this should be done very carefully, as there is a risk of burning the respiratory tract. The most effective are inhalations using chamomile, oregano, eucalyptus. They should be inhaled a maximum of three times a day.

Saline will also help cure green snot. They should rinse their nose; for this purpose, you can also use aloe or onion juice. In addition, the person should take more fluids. An excellent solution would be to drink tea with lemon, black currant or rose hips. Along with this, doctors recommend soaring legs and arms. If you follow all the above recommendations, then you can get rid of green snot and raise your immunity in a few days.

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