Do I Need Antibiotics For Green Snot In A Child

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Do I Need Antibiotics For Green Snot In A Child
Do I Need Antibiotics For Green Snot In A Child

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Initially liquid and transparent, nasal discharge in children becomes thick and green after a couple of days from the onset of the disease. Despite the viral and bacterial nature, they should not be treated immediately with antibiotics. In the absence of an elevated temperature, you can cope with green snot by injecting drops prescribed by a doctor or prepared according to folk recipes into the nose.

Antibiotics for green snot in a child can be prescribed when the temperature rises
Antibiotics for green snot in a child can be prescribed when the temperature rises

Why does snot turn green in children?

Snot is a discharge from the nose that appears as a result of an infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract, provoked by the activity of viruses. Their acquisition of a green color usually indicates the addition of a bacterial infection to the pathological process. And only occasionally green snot have a chlamydial or mycoplasma character.

To identify the nature of the disease with a prolonged runny nose, a nasal swab is taken from a child and studied in laboratory conditions. A large number of neutrophils indicates a bacterial infection.

As a sign of a cold, mucous discharge flows out of the nose like water, signaling the development of a viral infection. The bacterial flora joins the active pathogen. The swollen lining of the nose makes breathing difficult and interferes with sleep. In the absence of timely treatment, a prolonged runny nose with green snot is dangerous for the development of otitis media and sinusitis.

Medical treatment of green snot in children

Treatment of the child's airways begins with the restoration of their patency, which makes breathing easier. For this, the pediatrician prescribes vasoconstrictor drops, the use of which requires precise adherence to dosages. Therapy can be supplemented with antibiotics when the body temperature rises, however, the specialist must make a decision on their appointment carefully, realizing that the functional systems of the child's body have not yet been fully formed.

The wrong approach to prescribing antibiotics is fraught with various complications, so it is better for babies to select courses of local therapy. For example, the use of "Bioparox" leads to the death of pathogenic bacteria and minimizes the likelihood of negative consequences.

How to treat green snot in children with traditional medicine?

The combination of medical prescriptions with alternative methods of treating a cold is allowed only after agreement with a doctor. To eliminate green snot in a child at home, you can prepare drops from calendula or yarrow herbs. The recipe is simple: 1 teaspoon of dry raw materials should be poured with a glass of boiling water and set in a water bath for 20 minutes. The finished product in a warm form is injected into each nostril 1 - 2 drops several times a day.

Cleansing the nasal passages of green mucus is facilitated by rinsing with saline. Such procedures will prevent it from drying out.

Good in the fight against green snot and vegetable juices squeezed from potatoes, beets, carrots. Due to the high content of phytoncides - natural antibiotics, homemade drops will help you quickly cope with the infection. Honey, which is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2, has the same effect. The received product is used to bury the child's nose only if he is not allergic to this beekeeping product.

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